May 12, 2013

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Breakfast in bed for Mom!

  • So this morning was Mother's Day.  And the first thing that happened this morning, according to Reagan and Graham, was Robby waking up really early.  I said "he did?" and Reagan said "yes, he had gotten out all of the stuff to make your waffles."  I just nodded my head.  Robby did wake up early but I was the one who laid out all of the waffle making supplies late last night!  (Editor: So Tara writes the blog but I get to edit; right?  I didn't know she was getting all the supplies out last night -- because I was asleep on the couch! But I could have gotten the supplies out! Ha.)
  • I heard the kids and Robby making waffles pretty early but I quickly went right back to sleep.  My nightly meetings (feeding) with Whitman are catching up with me.  But no worries, I might have caught up on some of my sleep during the sermon this morning.  Seriously, I could not keep my eyes open.  Back to the early morning though...
  • The kids were delighted to help make the waffles.  They all had a job and took it all pretty seriously.  The only crisis was not having orange juice since they know I do love juice.  They all busted up into our room with waffles, strawberries, milk and a present.  Everyone helped me open my present-bags for the car.  I love bags and I especially love bags for trips.
  • We then put on clothes and headed to church.  Graham's class had a special breakfast for the moms along with a picture frame and placemat that he had made.  It bothered Graham a bit that I already knew about everything he had made and even know the songs that they sang for us (I am one of his Sunday school teachers).  But he was pretty proud of the morning.
  • Next up was big church followed by lunch at Nonna and Pops house.  We had bbq sandwiches for lunch which Reagan and I could eat every single day.  Then the kids ended up playing outside with the neighbors and we all sat on the deck for awhile.  It was really nice not having choir to hurry home and rest up for so we were able to enjoy the afternoon.
  • Back at home, the kids played outside with Robby while I unloaded from the morning.  Then they stayed outside for a long while-until I yelled out the window for Anderson to put on his play shoes.  Then they asked if they could come in (Robby might possibly have locked the door).  So we caved and let them come in for showers.  Showers are getting easier with Reagan and Anderson able to shower upstairs independently.  But still they are a hassle-too bad we will be taking them every single day this summer!  Yuck!
  • After their showers, the kids played on the ipad and even watched a bit of bull riding before we loaded up to go and wish Grannymom a Happy Mother's Day.  Speaking up that-Campbell's Sunday school teacher had told her to tell her mom Happy Mother's Day.  And Campbell did that many times today but I wish her teacher would have said to take a nap!  
  • We took the ice cream truck over to Grannymom's house and had our Sunday night ice cream over there.  The kids were pretty impressed by our waffle bowls and magic shell-nothing but the best for Mother's day!  
  • Soon we were headed home without one kiddo.  Campbell convinced Grannymom to let her spend the night.  Once we made it home, it was time for teeth and bed.  Another good day around here.