May 19, 2013

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Whitman's Baby Dedication

  • After such a busy day yesterday, we topped it today with an even busier day.  Whitman was the first one up-having a bottle with Robby around 6 and then having another with me right after.  My boy is starting to drink two bottles right in a row each time that he eats.  
  • I heard the kids a bit before 7 and told them that they could go to the toy room and heard the klump, klump, klump of feet down the hall.  The probably could have stayed there all day long.  But soon I was calling them down for breakfast.  We finished off my two bags of doughnuts today and I even had to grab some cereal for all of my hungry kids.  
  • Every day when I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel.  It usually doesn't bother Campbell but on Sundays she gets very concerned.  She kept telling me "you can't wear that on your head."  Of course the more that she says this the more that I try to convince her that I am in fact going to church with a towel on my head.  Later Reagan walked in and I just had on my shirt.  She said "is that a dress?"  And since a silly question deserves a silly answer I replied with "yes, do you think it is too short?"  Poor Reagan hem hawed around until she finally said "maybe a little."
  • We made it to church a bit early and Anderson was so ready to get to his class.  But we made him wait until time but as soon as I said that he could go, Cash and he ran out of my room to go to class.  One thing that is nice about Anderson's class is that I can peek in and check on the behavior of Anderson and even Cash today.  They were all perfect (as far as I could tell) today.
  • After Sunday school, I ran to the church library to grab some movies for our trip.  Most of their movies were 30 minutes but I was able to find a few that were at least an hour.  I need many hours worth of new movies for the kids on our Houston trip.  So I will have some movies and will have to get more...I will also have to get packing sometime soon as well.
  • During church, the kids were great.  And during announcements they talked about church next week.  Our church is only going to have one service and then everyone will go shopping for the needy.  And they finished their announcement by saying that there would be no Sunday school because of this next week.  I leaned over and told Anderson that I wish we would be there but we wouldn't because we would be out of town and he said "that is why I want to come next week because there is no Sunday school."
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house.  We had sent her home with leftovers from the soccer party and we pretty much devoured them.  I could eat a hot dog every day and I guess that the kids could too.  The kids didn't mind loading up to leave Grannymom's house and actually they were pretty good all day long.  It was a much smoother day that I had imagined it being.
  • The next event was Papaw's visitation.  Graham was very interested this morning if today was the funeral or the place where Papaw's body was.  I remember not seeing many dead people as a child but the kids were pretty bent on seeing Papaw's body.  So I took the big 3.  The birthday cards that they had made for him were in the casket with him and they were pleased by this.  Earlier, Nonna even had Graham sign his card.  
  • Seeing the cards made Graham ask again if Papaw saw the cards which I again said that he did (I really don't know but I like that answer better than him possibly not seeing their prized cards).  Anderson wasn't too interested or just wanted to get out of there because he quickly asked if could go and find Pops.  And Reagan turned to Nonna after looking at Papaw and said "I had always wondered what a dead person looked like."  She continued with "I kind of thought it was just bones." So my eldest thought we were going in the room to look at Papaw's skeleton.  Oh, to know exactly what kids think about everything.  
  • Of course, as soon as we walked into the room with Papaw's body, I started my speech about that just being Papaw's body and that Papaw was really in heaven.  I was just telling Robby that I am sure they were rolling their eyes at me since they have heard me say that a few times lately.  Somethings you just want to make sure that their little minds understand.
  • My Graham was so happy to see Hank (my uncle).  He ran across the room to give him a hug.  After about all of the meeting and greeting that the kids could take, Robby took them back to Grannymom's house.  They were all good and spoke when spoken to-well, most of them anyway.  At one point, I looked over and my Campbell was laying in the floor watching the video of pictures.  She wasn't really in the way so I let her stay there.
  • Back at Grannymom's house, Robby put Keaton down for a nap and with her cup of milk she was out in just a few minutes.  But Campbell also needed a nap and wasn't as keen on taking a nap as Keaton.  So Robby laid down with her for a few minutes.  They were still snoozing when I came back in and in just a few minutes, Robby left for a meeting and I started getting the crew ready for the parent commitment service at church.
  • Everyone changed shirts or dresses and I even put on a dress for the event-my new dress for Maradee's wedding along with some cowboy boots (it is a Texas wedding!)  Once at church, we found a room to play in and after a few minutes went for a walk through of the service.  As soon as we walked into the church door, Keaton saw Pops and shouted "Pops! Pops!" continuously until she was able to run down and see him.  
  • We really only had time to potty, change a few diapers and feed Whitman a bit and it was time for the real thing.  It went pretty quick-as in it was all over by 6:10!  Aleta read the names, the preacher held the baby and off we went.  The kids did well following Robby as instructed.  He held Whitman and I held Keaton-I was continuously shoving candy in Keaton's mouth so she wouldn't start shouting at Pops this time.  
  • It went well and then we headed to Nonna's house-she has a few tons of food to eat.  Reagan was thrilled with all of the meat, Campbell loved the fruit and Anderson was tickled with macaroni and cheese.  Beebee was over along with Hank, Sonia, some relatives from Indiana and another cousin that I haven't seen in years.  It really is too bad that people only get together like that when there is a death.  Makes me want to make an effort to spend more time with people-so party at my house!
  • Tonight with all of those folks at my mom's house, Anderson went to play in the toy room (he still loves those g.i. joe toys).  But Graham sat near Hank listening to every word that he said.  I told him that he could go and play but he was content where he was.  Reagan was in and out and my Campbell was the life of the party!  That child thrives on attention.  
  • It was well after bedtime when we made it home tonight-not as late as last night though.  I laid out more dressy clothes for tomorrow much to Anderson's chagrin.  He made sure that I understood that he had worn his Sunday clothes all day today.  I told him I understood but we wouldn't have to wear them next Sunday for church and he was pleased with this.  I didn't mention that he would have to wear them for a wedding next Sunday though!  So sneaky!