May 17, 2013

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A hat kind of day!

  • Whitman ate around 6 and then snuggled with us in bed until we heard the others upstairs.  I jumped out of bed and laid Whitman on a blanket in the floor-that way the kids would lay by him and not by us in our bed.  Sneaky, aren't I?
  • After breakfast, it was time for school-the last day!  Really, we have finished up everything so they just had a few things to do.  The most fun thing was cleaning their desks with shaving cream.  Only one child didn't want to do this-silly Reagan.  She has never liked anything like shaving cream, any lotions or creams.  I am now putting neosporin on her ears as well and it gives her the heeby jeebys. 
  • It didn't take long to finish school and clean up a bit.  So we loaded up and headed to Grannymom's house.  My Graham wanted to read his reading book to Grannymom today.  I had gone on and on about how good he was doing (and he really is) so he wanted to show off a bit.  
  • When I left there, I ran to Target to pick up a few things-including a bathing suit (gag!)  Then to my weekly grocery shopping trip.  While there, I bought a clearanced loaf of cinnamon bread.  I had a piece (or two) after loading up the car and the kids devoured the rest of the loaf during their snack time.  
  • They were watching a movie and when I delivered their bread, Campbell was already asleep.  So I just laid her piece of bread beside her.  Graham came and asked for more bread and then Anderson came and asked for more.  After they had all gone out to play, I went in to wake up Campbell and there she lay still sound asleep.  But she only had 1/4th of her slice of bread left-those silly boys ate their sleeping sister's snack.  
  • Let's jump back in the day a bit though.  After Grannymoms we came home.  The big kids had a brawl while getting out of the van and it made me furious.  I sat them all in time out while I emptied the car and put up my groceries (a good 30 minutes).  And then they practiced getting in and out of the van the proper way.  They had to do it 5 times but Graham tried to crawl over Reagan so they had to do it another time.  The kids were tired and hot when they finished-don't worry they weren't too hot.  Whitman and I were sitting in the back of the van observing.  
  • We then picked up the house while Graham had his daily fit.  I finally had enough and told him to sit in Robby's office and wait on his daddy to get home.  Graham lucked out because Robby was home in about 30 minutes.  His bottom didn't luck out though!  But afterwards, he was his happy self again.  
  • The kids played outside this evening while Robby struggled with all of his lawnmowers.  I was inside working in the kitchen.  The kids even gave up on Robby and came in for their showers, supper and were even in bed before Robby made it in-after all it does take a while to push mower a 2 acre yard!