May 8, 2013

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A Visit to Beebee and PawPaw's

  • Robby disappeared to the bonus room sometime during the middle of the night.  Whitman woke up for his bottle around 6.  And soon the boys were coming in my room from my bathroom-that meant that they had already come through, couldn't find Robby, found him upstairs and then came back.  Their first pass through our room must have woken up Whitman because I had already put him in bed with me when the boys came back.
  • When Keaton woke up, she was just tickled to lay by Whitman.  Of course soon my bed was full of the boys playing ipad, Keaton cuddling next to Whitman and Campbell right nearby.  Reagan didn't wake up until I went upstairs around 9.  After she climbed out of bed, she went right to the school room and started working on her work.
  • One time during school, I wish that someone could have taken a picture-every single one of us was sitting practically on top of each other.  We were all in a little circle-everyone was doing something different but we were all right there.  Kind of crazy that we have this whole big house to spread out in but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  • After school, I had everyone help me straighten up the house.  After Anderson did what I had asked of him, I had expected him to come back for his next instructions but he never returned.  Finally, I found him in their room making his bed.  That is nice and all but soon everyone was remaking their beds when I wanted them to be picking up the school room, emptying the trash or anything else that really mattered to me.  But those beds must have really mattered to everyone else because they all worked for at least 20 minutes on their beds.
  • Then we had lunch and they watched a show while I loaded things up.  And then we were off to see Beebee and Papaw today.  Today was the first time that I was able to get a picture of Papaw holding the baby.  He has held Whitman another time but that was while he way laying in bed.  This time he was up and alert.  No way to really know if he knew who the kids were but he did hug them, pat them and tickle them.  Couldn't really ask for much more.  And when I told them to give him a hug, they all did.  And you know that is probably a lot for me to ask but they did really well.  
  • Then we walked down the hall to see Beebee in their room.  She was in a very good mood today and was pretty talkative.  And the kids were pretty talkative as well as long as Beebee kept passing out the candy.  After we said our good byes-we loaded up the van.  And the silly car that parked next to me was so close that I had to load the baby carrier up from my door.  I love a challenge and that was definitely a challenge.  
  • It just took an hour and a half but we left Benton, picked up Alyssa Kate from her house and then dropped the girls off at Kennedy's house.  As we left Kennedy's house, only 4 of the 5 kids in my car was fussing-Whitman was hungry, Keaton got upset when I climbed out of the van, Campbell wanted to get out and play and Graham didn't know why he was fussing.  And I made it home without fussing myself so it was a win!
  • The kids played outside while I fed Whitman-after fussing from Maumelle to our house I jerked him out of his seat and fed him right in the driveway.  Poor thing was starving but was too distracted to eat.  He enjoys being outside.  When I went in the boys followed me.  
  • Robby was later getting home but we had supper when he arrived.  Then him and the kids played basketball while I picked up the kitchen.  Next I loaded Whitman up in my front carrier and we all went on a walk/bike ride.  Once we made it home, it was bath and snack time for the crew.  They were pretty tired and so were we-even Whitman (right now at least).