May 6, 2013

She looks like your typical soccer fan!
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  • Since Whitman slept from 4 yesterday afternoon until after we left church around 7:30, he wasn't too ready for bed.  Eventually, he did go to sleep but was awake and eating for over an hour and half in the middle of the night.  So right now (almost 10 at night) I am making sure that he doesn't sleep until I go to bed tonight.
  • Robby took Graham to school this morning and Anderson and Reagan asked about eating breakfast in my room so they could watch a movie.  Upon hearing this, Keaton went to the pantry and came back with a box of poptarts.  She then sat down on the floor and opened up one and started having her own little breakfast.
  • Today was going to be an off day of school but since Reagan has a sleepover Wednesday night, I finally convinced her and Anderson to do a bit of school work today.  They each picked 3 boxes and after much urging, they did not just pick the easiest.  
  • And even though I was very aware of the time and we were pretty much ready, I guess I just got sidetracked with their school work because it was almost 10 when we left the house.  And we had to drop off Anderson, Reagan and Campbell at Nonna's house and be at the doctor at 10:20.
  • We did make it just a few minutes late.  I realized on the way that the doctor's visit might be a bit challenging with 2 babies both getting shots.  But we managed-first we had to get everyone undressed.   Then they measured Whitman's head and length followed by Keaton's head and length.  Keaton was not too pleased about being measured but she didn't fuss-she just did her shoulder turn and tried to look away.  Whitman weighs 9 pounds and 7 ounces-almost gaining 2 pounds since he was born.  He gained 5/8ths of an inch which makes him only in the 11th percentile for his height.  Now my Keaton is in the 85th percentile for her weight (almost 28 pounds) and is 32 inches tall.  And true to the rest of my Dennie kids, she has a huge head which we are very proud of!
  • So while waiting for the doctor, Keaton sat in the seat beside me or in my lap.  She was perfect...all until shot time.  Ha!  Actually, she did really well and only fussed until I picked her up, handed her milk, put on her pants and shoes and then she was fine.  She did keep pulling at her pants saying "ow" which is one of her new words.  As soon as I had finished calming her down, Whitman was finished with his shot.  After a quick cuddle and strapping him in his car seat, he was asleep.
  • Then we went to Nonna's house for lunch.  Pops had picked up Graham from school and before too long we were eating lunch and the kids were playing outside.  They played with Nonna's neighbors and their was a pretty wild game of freeze tag going on.  My kids were hot, sweaty and tired by the time I called them in.  Keaton even got in on some of the action of the game.  She also climbed in the wagon and was pulled around a bit....until the cat tried to climb in with her.  That was the end of her outside time!
  • Back at home, Robby had arrived home from the vet at about the same time as we did.  We told the kids that Belle had died and the comments went a bit like this..."Well, she was very old." "I'm sad." "Maybe we can get a new dog." "I am going to ride my scooter." "Can you move the car?" and "Let's play basketball."  
  • After playing outside for awhile, they moved inside for the rest of the afternoon.  Soon it was supper time and we had a bit more time tonight before soccer because the boys scrimmaged at 6:30.  So the boys played on one side of the Raymar fields and Reagan played on the opposite side!  
  • The boys did pretty well but attacked the ball less.  Anderson told me that he was apart of the "background"-whatever that meant.  And Reagan's team did the best that they have ever done before-5-6 was the score and my Reagan even scored a goal.
  • We did find out today that the tea at church for Saturday has been cancelled.  My Reagan was so looking forward to it so I am bit disappointed.  But we told her we would do something special and I think I have almost talked her into getting her ears pierced on Saturday-that would be a girly thing to do.  
  • After the games, we came home and the kids had showers before going to bed.  We briefly tried to put Keaton down in the big kids room but that lasted about 3 minutes.  As soon as we shut the door to their room, we heard her say "hey" and then could hear her jumping on the bed.