Texas Wedding Roadtrip-May 27, 2013

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The traveling business is tough work!

  • Whitman didn't wake up once we were in the room last night and I probably should have woken him up myself but I just let him sleep.  So about as soon as I went to sleep, he woke up to eat.  And then at 5, he woke up again.  He was sleeping about a foot from my head and I never heard him.  Robby got up and started making Whitman's bottle.  I didn't hear that but I did hear a bit of commotion when Robby shook the bottle without a lid.  
  • Robby fed Whitman but after he laid him back down, he started to fuss again.  By now it was nearly 6 so Robby decided that we would go ahead and leave early.  (We had decided to leave early, then decided to sleep a bit longer but Whitman changed all of that for us.)  
  • After Robby took his shower, I had mine.  We quietly scurried around packing everything that we could.  Eventually, we started pulling blankets from the kids and packing them up.  Everyone got up nicely to go potty and Robby took them to the car.  We were out of the room by 7:10 and Reagan must have thought that it was in the middle of the night because she said "what time is it?"
  • At the wedding last night, Anderson won a movie (Jurasic Park 3) so it was the first movie watched this morning.  It was probably a bit intense for me crew-well, some of them.  We noticed that Campbell had her blanket over her head for some of the movie.  But we stopped it once to ask Anderson if he liked it and he said "yeah, one guy has gotten eaten already."
  • Robby went to the breakfast area at the hotel and cleaned out their cinnamon rolls so the kids had one as a pre-breakfast.  Then we picked up breakfast burritos at Sonic.  Our next stop was for gas and potties and soon we were about to lose control of the troops, so we found a park for them to play at.
  • By loose control, I mean that Robby and I were about to go nuts.  Ha!  Campbell continually asked us if we were in Mississippi yet.  Keaton shook her cup like she was playing a maraca.  And the two of them together are even more of a mess-Campbell would belt out "jingle bells, jingle bells" and then Keaton would point at Campbell and shout at her "stop."  We knew they needed to run off some energy.
  • I believe that the next stop was McDonalds for lunch.  We ate in the car and zipped on down the road.  Campbell was sleeping while we were in the drive through line and we had just told the kids to let her sleep even when we passed out the food.  When she is asleep the car is a tad bit quieter!  But not 5 seconds after that, a freight train roared down the track about 20 feet from our car.  She woke up and the car suddenly got a lot noisier.  
  • After leaving McDonalds, our next stop was another McDonalds for a potty stop.  Robby didn't feel guilty at all about bringing in his empty McDonald's cup for a refill.  But then karma got him when he couldn't find his phone after we left.  Finally, he buzzed it with my phone and it buzzed and buzzed and buzzed.  We could hear it but couldn't figure where it was coming from.  Finally, Robby realized the phone was in his back pocket the entire time.
  • I think that was the stop that I had Whitman out of his seat changing his diaper and he laughed at me.  He is getting pretty interactive now.  Not as interactive as the other kids and that is nice!  Campbell thinks everyone's middle name is Ruth like hers.  She shouted at Anderson "Anderson Ruth, do you like my flip flops?"  And Anderson isn't any better-he is always freezing in the car and as soon as we turn the kids air on, he will ask for it to be turned off.  We have to sneak it on because we don't want them to get hot.  So once he said "can you turn off the air, I have already told you once."  
  • Soon it was another Sonic stop and during it, Robby had to go potty and then I did at the next door Dollar General.  And when we left, we got turned around and had to pass those stores again.  I said "look, there's another Sonic right there."  Anderson saw the next building and said "there is another one of those too."  I tried to get Robby to make the loop again just to see what they would say at seeing the same stores 3 times but he didn't want to play my silly game.
  • But the kids quickly figured out that we had turned around and then they started chanting "go the right way."  Kids need a mute button.  Only kidding, they were really perfect and we made it home before 5.  It didn't feel like we had been in the car all day.  
  • When we made it home, the kids played outside and then inside and then outside again.  Robby and I unloaded the van and then he mowed the yard while I unpacked inside.  Within 2 hours, we were finished with everything-yard looked nice and the house was straight and unpacked.  
  • And soon the kids were showered and eating supper.  They had a busy few days and everyone was ready to go to bed tonight.  Another good trip!