May 7, 2013

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Our own indoor zipline...

  • Just when I get used to Whitman's nightly schedule, he changes it all up on me. This morning he woke up at 5:50.  As I sat there and fed him it was still dark outside but before we were finished, it was getting light out.  I still managed to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep before we were joined by the noisy children.  Sometime while we were still sleeping, Graham came to my side of the bed and asked for a pillow and then curled up by Whitman.  Campbell, the first of the noisy children, took awhile before she made it downstairs.  I think they were all pretty tired from last night.
  • Robby took Graham to school and the others convinced me to let them have breakfast in my room while watching tv.  I agreed-really just so I could take a shower, straighten and start on laundry.  I can get a lot finished during the 23 minutes of their movies.
  • Next up we started school and things were fairly peaceful.  One of Reagan's assignments this week is to make a list of all of our games and puzzles.  The plan is for us to play and work them all this summer.  She thoroughly enjoyed this task and would have spend much longer on it but I finally told her she could finish tomorrow.
  • I didn't stay on top of Anderson like I usually do so he didn't finish his work until after 12.  I probably should let him do this every day so he could start to realize when and how he wastes his time.  We had our lunch and then the kids all started working on their projects.  
  • Anderson and Campbell worked on their mosaics and Reagan was content to help Campbell.  I am not sure if Keaton felt all that great today-she has Campbell's runny nose but maybe it was because of her shot yesterday.  Either way, she was quite the fussy gussy!  
  • The next thing that I knew, everyone was helping Anderson build a zip line out of legos.  They played with this until I finally said it was time to leave.  We went to pick up Graham from Grannymom's house.  He had told me that he didn't want to stay all day long and wanted me to come pick him up early.  
  • When we made it to their neighborhood, Grannymom had walked to get Lilly and Cash from the bus and Graham hadn't wanted to walk with her.  So I dropped off my 3 big ones to walk with Grannymom.  Then I hung out with Grandpa and Graham while waiting on all of them to return.  Keaton and Whitman slept in the car for awhile.  When I went to check to make sure it wasn't too hot, Keaton woke up and she realized where we were and could not get out of the van fast enough.
  • The kids all had a snack and we even played a bit of ball before heading home.  We couldn't stay out too long because I had neglected to bring a bottle for Whitman.  The van is well stocked with diapers of all sizes but does not yet have a stash of formula and bottles.
  • Back at home, the kids played outside for a few minutes and then ran in to play with the zip line some more.  I should have made them stay outside because everyone needed my help of some kind.  I finally had to say that I was working in the kitchen and couldn't help anyone.   This made everyone very unhappy.  So I started talking up going outside and they eventually did go to the driveway.  I eventually joined them and after awhile Robby came.  
  • We played a game of "horse" before coming in for baths and supper.  We had Mexican for supper and they ate most of it-which always surprises me.  The hit was the re-fried beans.  More zip lining time was spent before bed-they are all probably dreaming of having a real zip line and not just a lego zip line.  Maybe Santa can find one for them.