May 1, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Whitman woke Robby up about 5:30 and they moved to the couch for him to eat.  And soon Campbell surprised them by showing up.  I am not really sure how she found them in the living room because I sure don't know if she came into our bedroom looking for Robby or not.  
  • And way before 7, Graham and Campbell had both found their way to our bed.  All of this early morning business helped Robby get to work early and the rest of us were having breakfast early and doing school by 8:15.
  • My Anderson just stared and stared at his math today-should have timed him but probably an hour and he had done 4 problems. Makes me absolutely crazy.  Finally, I would read the problem to him. It went kind of like this "8-2 is what?  Good.  Write it down. Next one. 6-6 is what? Good.  Write it down."  We did this for one page and knocked it out in no time.  
  • Graham did alright during school with only one melt down...which eventually led to another meltdown...which led to Robby being called.  But after he spoke with his Daddy, he was a completely different child.  
  • We had lunch after 12 and before too long the kids were having their 5 minutes on the ipad.  All except Graham that is since he lost his turn earlier in the day.  He kept watching the others saying "I wish I could have a turn."  Campbell was the first to have a turn and was pretty happy about that-she always has the last turn on movies and ipad turns (that is because she will usually forget about her turn or I can keep saying "go wait your turn" and she will stop following me for a minute or two!)
  • Around 2:30, we loaded up to go and see Beebee and Papaw.  The kids were great today-I usually give them letter grades when we leave.  Today was one of the few times that they all received As.  They really do so good and seriously, a nursing home can be a pretty uncomfortable place for kids (and adults).  Beebee was happy to dole out her candy and some dollar bills and today Papaw was even awake at the nurses desk so they were able to see him.  
  • We then picked up pizza and met Robby at church.  Pretty good routine we have going with the Wednesday night pizza-too bad tonight is the last night of Awana.  It was the big Awana celebration and my kids had a blast.  Anderson and Graham were all into the games-jumping up and down and everything.  Reagan was sitting with Kennedy and Kate and was having a blast as well.  Campbell spent most of the time holding her ears-she could never decide if she was having fun or not.
  • During the performance tonight, whenever a person would lose the game, they would get a huge powder puff full of flour to their face.  As we were about to leave, the boys asked if they could go and get puffed. Of course I let them and they were so excited to get their face full of flour.  Reagan even jumped at the chance.  Campbell hid behind me the entire time and wanted nothing to do with this at all.  Afterwards, they even had ice cream which truly made it a celebration for the kids.
  • But the real celebration is how many verses they have learned this year-Reagan learned 60 verses, Anderson memorized 40 and Graham learned 27.  (Yes, I am a dork and counted them up)  
  • At home, the kids all had a drink and then it was bedtime for the crew.  Whitman stayed up a bit longer than the others and had himself a bottle before going to bed for the night (I hope!)