May 13, 2013

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Upward Soccer Celebration Night!

  • Graham was up pretty early-laying right beside me on the floor with a pillow and blanket (that I keep stashed under the bed).  No telling how long he had been there but he was quick to tell us that he thought Keaton was up.  (She wasn't-she just cries out often in the night.)  Soon he was putting on his clothes and when Reagan and Anderson came down they were also dressed.  They had laid their clothes out last night-usually on days were are at home in the morning, they stay in their pjs.
  • Robby took Graham to school.  Today after picking him up from school, Graham told me that his favorite part of the morning was playing outside.
  • Campbell had spent the night with Grannymom so our school morning was a bit quieter without her and Graham.   Kind of strange thinking that it is quieter than usual when there are still 4 kids around. This is our last week of school (said that last week though) so Reagan and Anderson do not have too much to do-mainly trying to finish our review of their spellings and finish Reagan's language lessons book.
  • Keaton carried her baby doll around most of the morning.  She has really become attached to that thing lately-like she see me carrying a baby around all day or something.  And she is so quick to ask where Whitman is anytime that he is out of her sight. "Where baby?" And if he is fussing, she comes to grab my hand and takes me to him.  
  • At 11, we loaded up to get Graham from school and then we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Campbell.  The kids didn't seem to mind our stops but as soon as we pulled into the driveway, they all wanted out.  They love to "race" the van to the garage.  Of course they are running on the grass and I have to go way behind them or way in front of them.  
  • Everyone played outside and even had their lunch outside.  Soon everyone trickled in and I let them watch a movie at 2.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit to pick up Robby's old grill (so their trash people will pick it up).  Here in the country the thing is to just leave your trash in the yard-we aren't yet that countryfied!
  • Around 4, everyone kind of got crazy around here but soon Robby was home.  The kids changed into their soccer uniforms and then quickly had supper.  We dropped off Keaton and Whitman at Nonna and Pops house.  Then it was time for the Upward soccer celebration.
  • The kids were all sitting with their teams so we left the boys with Tim and we sat with the girls.  The entertainer was pretty impressive-juggling, fire, unicycle, taller unicycle and even the tallest unicycle I have ever seen.  
  • Afterwards, the kids all received soccer balls and a ticket to a free snow cone.  We were 382nd in the snow cone line.  We tried to convince the kids to go to Sonic but they were pretty sure they wanted to wait in the line.  After a good 15 minutes they did decide on Sonic but we had taken that offer back!  They were pretty pleased with their snow cones and we let them eat them on the curb.  Two separate occasions a girl sat down by Anderson and he scooted away from them-that crazy boy!