May 18, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
Soccer Party at the house!

  • Whitman ate around 3 this morning and then we all slept until 7ish.  Keaton was the first one up and her and Robby laid in her room for a bit before getting up.  Then all the kids and Robby and I were all in our bed.  It didn't last for too long because before I knew it, Robby was outside weed eating.
  • And before too much longer, I was outside setting up tables while still in my pajamas.  Though in my defense, the house was straight and the kids were dressed so I had been busy.  I pulled out my secret weapon when I went inside.  I wanted the kids to stay in while I went out so I turned on Wipeout (the secret weapon).  They were in awe of that show-though they then attempted to play it in the living room.  
  • Before too long, it was time for the soccer party to start.  We had invited the girls team and the boys team and ended up having a crowd.  We didn't have a ton of folks show up but it was all people that we knew so it was nice.  I think everyone had a relaxing time-the food was good.  Pops was our hired chef and the rest of the grandparents were there as Dennie kid crowd control.  
  • The kids enjoyed playing with their friends-on the swings and in the dirt.  But the highlights were the games Robby invented on the fly.  Walking with a cup on your head and even pulling out the standby of an egg toss.  The kids all love an egg toss-they always get so excited.  
  • After our guests left and we cleaned up, it was time to clean up the kids-6 showers (Cash was our number 6 since Whitman was eating with Grannymom)  The kids then played for a few minutes until it was time to go again. 
  • Our next stop was Raymar Fields for the End of School Bash.  We could have stayed there all evening-inflatables, tug of war, sack races, cake walk, hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones, hula hoops, face painting.  The kids had an awesome time.  They started on the inflatables, hit up the snow cones and then went to the cake walk.  6 Dennies walking around the cake walk-we were bound to win.  And win we did-we came home with practically a whole box of little debbie treats.  
  • There was also tug of war where all of my crew were drug across the grass by two bigger boys and they loved it.  Then a sack race and hula hooping before loading up for our next stop.  I had brought shirts for the kids to change into if they were too nasty sweaty-Anderson was the only one who was dripping sweat.  I even had my fabreeze ready to go if I needed to use it.  
  • We had supper at the McGuires and all of the kids spent most of their time playing outside.  They all must have been starving because they all ate a good supper and then couldn't get enough supper.  And after all of that playing, they were nasty again so we had to give another round of showers once we came home.  
  • Even with one extra tonight, showers were quickly and everyone was tucked into bed in no time at all.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day-our bags for the day are all packed and sitting by the door-hope I haven't forgotten anything.