May 5, 2013

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Celebrating Grandpa's 81st Birthday (a few days early)!

  • Whitman ate at 4 last night and went back to bed around 4:30.  Then he started grunted until Robby sat with him for a bit and once he was calmed, Robby headed upstairs to finish the night.  But Whitman wasn't calm long because he wanted a bit more milk at 5 but was soon back asleep after that bottle.  And before 7, Campbell and Graham were downstairs asking me to help them put their clothes.  That would have been great and all but no one had asked them put on their clothes or even get out of bed.  They quickly asked where Robby was and then shuffled off to find him in hopes that he would help them with their clothes.
  • The kids had breakfast while Robby washed Whitman and Keaton.  And then it was time to load up for church.  We even had a few minutes to stop for a sonic drink and breakfast for Robby and me.  Then it was Sunday school and church time.  
  • We celebrated Grandpa's 81st birthday with lasagna, coconut cake and key lime pie.  I believe that Anderson's enjoyed the desserts more than the birthday boy since Anderson devoured 3 servings of key lime pie.  The kids played outside for a bit and I braved the cold and pushed a few on the swing.  Then it was time for Grandpa to open his presents.
  • At home, the kids all needed showers from their brief outside playtime.  So we did that and then I painted Reagan's toenails because she said all of the other girls had their painted.  Of course, this also meant her fingernails and Campbell's toenails and fingernails.  Then I did the girls hair-braided Reagan's for the program tonight and did Campbell's as well.  And after packing supper to eat on the way home, it was time to load up and head to church.
  • The kids had to be at church at 4 for rehearsal.  We were able to watch them for a bit before going to our meetings.  After my meeting, I found Pops and picked up Campbell so she could watch the big kids sing.
  • Anderson and Graham's choir sang a few songs and then sang the first and last song of the program.  Reagan's choir presents Down by the Creekbank and my Reagan was so proud and did so well singing.  Anderson's first question was "did anyone tape it?" and as we were leaving, Reagan told Nonna or Grannymom (I forgot who) "thanks for coming tonight."  
  • Since they all did a really good job on their performances, we celebrated with our Sunday night ice cream.  I had bought a few new choices so that made for an exciting night.  Then it was bedtime-the kids were pretty wound up tonight so it did take them a few more minutes than usual to calm down.