May 15, 2013

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5 weeks, 1 day!

  • So yesterday the kids slept in but that wasn't the case today.  They were more than ready for the day. We did have one little crisis this morning when Campbell told Graham that he was going to school today.  Poor Graham's eyes were huge when he asked "really Momma?"  I reminded him that this was Wednesday and he didn't have school but he was pretty uneasy for awhile worrying about school.  Didn't help that when we were in the van, someone asked if we were dropping Graham off first.
  • My shower used to be the first thing that happened in the morning but lately I am scrambling to take a shower when school is going on or after their breakfast.  And that was the case today, after everyone ate I told them to put on their clothes and they would have time for a movie before we left.
  • I had planned to jump in the shower while they were doing this but soon I was doing girls hair, putting medicine on Reagan's ears, dressing Keaton and Whitman and getting Anderson a shirt that matched. And back to those earrings of Reagans-that girl is so proud of them and she truly believes that everyone that sees her will stare at them.  Mike said something about them tonight and she just grinned from ear to ear.  Getting her ears pierced has made her so crazy proud that it makes me want to take her back and just get something else pierced too (kidding)
  • We left at 8:45 and zipped downtown for the Museum of Discovery.  We were there Saturday but our buddies were going today so we went again.  We had the perfect parking spot on Saturday but I knew that wouldn't be the case today so we picked up Robby who dropped us off and picked us up. Candice had the same idea as us and it sure made things easier.  I can not normally parallel park but parallel parking a 15 foot long van would probably prove to be impossible!  (or possibly comical to others!)
  • We weren't the only ones who were at the museum today-I counted 4 bus loads while we waited on the others to arrive.  Thankfully, it wasn't really that crazy and by the end of our trip, the place was empty.  The kids were well behaved-even though our group nearly got kicked out of the museum.  There was an overzealous grandma who must have been frazzled by the 300 school kids and took it out on our group (mainly Sara who took the fall for the rest of us).  I'm not saying the kids were perfect but it was all uncalled for.  However the kids were a bit rowdier than they were when Robby was with us.  I am not sure exactly why that is-maybe I should start wearing a belt like their Daddy.
  • We had our lunch at the museum and then walked to the park at the river for a few minutes.  That park creeps me out since I can't keep my eyes on everyone and just have to hope that they come back each time they go through a tunnel.  It was a bit easier today with 3 other moms constantly watching out as well.  The kids all did well, stayed near us and had a great time.  
  • My driver came to pick us up and we headed home, leaving Reagan to spend the afternoon with Kennedy.  The little ones had a nap when we made it home and the others watched a movie, played in boxes, played Doggie Doggie Who has the Bone and colored some.  And soon it was time for Robby to come home.
  • We had supper at Kennedy's house and the kids were eerily calm tonight.  I guess they were tired from the day.  They played downstairs most of the time and played pretty quietly and only briefly played upstairs.  Though my Campbell spent more time sneaking brownies than playing!
  • Once at home it is pretty amazing how quickly we can get 6 kids into bed.  Now just to get in bed myself!