May 11, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
Milestone Day for Reagan:  Ears pierced!

  • The original plan last night was for us to not come home after the soccer game so I told Robby that we would have to make sure we woke up when the alarm went off so I could gather clothes for everyone to change into.  Ha!  We sure didn't need an alarm.  Whitman had eaten around 5 and then wouldn't go back to sleep.  So he and I were snoozing (and by snoozing I mean not really snoozing at all) when the alarm went off.  But we had been listening to the others getting dressed upstairs.  They must have been excited about the games this morning because it was not even 6:30 and everyone was dressed and happily chatting away.
  • When it was breakfast time this morning, Anderson told Graham to check the breakfast menu and then Anderson tried his best to read it for his brother.  Reagan came down to read it for them.  I have finally bought and assigned different breakfast foods for each day of the week.  Today's was "your choice" so of course Anderson wanted doughnuts but I had to say those were just for Sundays.  We will see how it works but Keaton is currently obsessed with pop tarts and I feel like I need to quickly change that.  If we mention eating or even if I am in the kitchen working, Keaton goes to the pantry and pulls out a box of pop tarts.  
  • Anderson and Graham's game was first this morning.  My Graham was so cute looking over at the sidelines and grinning at all of us-Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Les, Shelley, Josh and Zach.  I believe Anderson and Graham were the most excited about Josh and Zach.  Graham scored the first goal and Anderson scored at least 3 other ones.  Of course the boys team stomped the other team again this week.
  • Now my Reagan really wanted to win this game but unfortunately that didn't happen.  The score when Reagan was in the game was 1-2.  So that was decent.  The score when she was not in the game was closer to 1-6.  Reagan was one of the shorter ones but she can move down the field to block a score pretty well.  
  • After we loaded up the van, everyone had their soccer treats from the concession stand and I passed out juice boxes, then we stopped for lunch at the grocery store.  The store on the way home had hot dogs and bbq sandwiches for sale on their big tent sale so we all sat on the curb and had lunch.  Nonna and Pops even dropped by after picking up some groceries inside.  
  • Then we headed home for a quick wardrobe change.  The kids were pretty wet from the fields and after changing clothes we were loaded up again.  After they were ready, we had to wait on Robby for a few minutes so I had the kids feed Whitman.  Meanwhile, i ran around and picked up what I could.  Everyone few minutes, I would run back to the bedroom to burp Whitman and change who was feeding him.  They still think it is neat to hold him-wonder how much longer that will last!
  • The first stop was the earring place.  When Reagan started in the first grade, I told her that she could get her ears pierced anytime that she wanted.  The church was to have a tea today with an etiquette class, Bible story and craft for the girls and Reagan was so excited about this.  But it was cancelled so she was pretty bummed-so I suggested getting her ears pierced.  
  • So today, Robby and the others stayed in the car while we went in.  The ladies there was incredible nice and Reagan picked out the earrings she wanted.  Her first pick was one that was similar to a lower priced one and I suggested it (since I was in a bit of sticker shock of the prices).  The lady said that she wouldn't suggest those so I gladly paid for the cute little round diamond looking ones she had previously picked out.
  • The lady took forever to clean and mark the exact right spot.  She told Reagan everything she was doing and when it was time to get them pierced, I held Reagan's hand.  Poor child was shaking like a leaf.  Then "click" went the gun and relief flooded across her face.  She said it wasn't bad and didn't seem at all worried about having the other one done.  After the other ear was pierced, she gladly showed everyone in the van and has since talked and talked about them today.  She told me earlier that she feels older already.  Tonight when it was time to clean them, I was a bit worried but she didn't flinch at all and didn't seem to mind me or even her touching them.  So that is a great relief to me-I had prepared myself for the cleaning part to be a battle.  
  • Back to this afternoon, our next stop was the Museum of Discovery.  We have a pass and hadn't used it in a while.  Keaton did great riding in the stroller and would stay very near us when she was out.  Whitman only ate once but also stayed awake for most of the outing.  When Campbell was on the bed of nails, Robby told her that it would only poke a few holes in her skin.  Upon hearing this, she said "maybe not" and tried to quickly get up.  Notice in the pictures she also has her hands over his ears-imagine those hands on her ears along with a terrorized face and that is how she looked running out of the tornado movie room later in our visit.
  • We did every single room in that museum and when we finally left, we walked down to the river market area for a few minutes.  But the kids were pretty tired and we practically had to drag a few back to the car.  We then stopped for pizza on the way home.  Keaton didn't want to sit in her seat and practically caused a scene and Whitman wasn't far behind in the scene causing because he wanted to eat the whole time we were eating.
  • Back at home, the kids played outside, Robby drilled a hole in the tire swing so water wouldn't collect and I worked inside (getting ready for tomorrow and making a cake for tonight!)  The kids had showers and then played the ipad until bedtime-they were pretty tired tonight but so are we.  Robby is sleeping on the couch and my eyes are pretty heavy.