January 31, 2014

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  • Sorry blog readers but I left my camera at April's house tonight-at least I hope that I left it there.  Things like that just make me crazy but I guess I should be pleased that I did leave with all of my kids.  
  • This morning started as usual around here.  The only difference was not seeing Anderson for the longest time.  I even went upstairs to check on him after 8 thinking that he was still asleep.  He wasn't in his bed and I briefly felt my heart start beating quicker but alas he was just sitting on the couch playing his kindle.  I guess he wanted to be quiet this morning-hmm, maybe I should hide out on the couch in the mornings.
  • I had on my schedule to have a "project day" for school today-just work on some of the kids crafts today.  But I changed my mind to move that "project day" to next week so we could work on all of our Valentine's day cards as well.  So we pressed ahead and did our school work today though I was a bit lax about few things and we were finished by 11.
  • The kids were delighted to help me sort through another bundle of clothes from my aunt in Arizona.  Graham was a bit disappointed that he didn't have more in the sacks.  All the child had was a pair of pajama pants but I let him have one that would really fit Anderson just to appease him.  Anderson could have cared less about the clothes. 
  • Now to the girls: Keaton immediately stripped off her clothes when she saw the clothes spread on the floor.  She found herself a pair of pants but there were no shirts for her.  So she found one that would fit me and had someone button it and put it on her.  That child wore that huge shirt all day long and she wouldn't even let us roll of the sleeves.  (Check back Sunday for pictures)  My Reagan and Campbell had a knock down fight about a single purse.  Tears, yelling and shoving were all involved.  I don't even have a purse and I have 3 little girls that all took purses to April's house tonight.  
  • We had lunch and then I had the kids do a few chores.  I need to figure out a good time for them to do them each day-I just can't decide if that is right before lunch, after lunch, after naps.  That is on my list for this year to get a good chore system.  Back to the day, I put Whitman in bed and then told Keaton it was her naptime and was headed to put her in bed.  I somehow got distracted helping someone else and barely heard Anderson say "Mom, I am putting Keaton down for a nap."  Um, okay.  I made it upstairs in time to see him telling her goodnight.  And the crazy thing was, sometime after 4 I walked into my bedroom and set Whitman down.  I told the kids that I was going upstairs to get Keaton and Anderson looked at me and said "Mom, she is right here."  Anderson had her awake after 4 and went on up to bring her down.  I will not be needed here much longer.
  • Soon Robby was home and we headed off to the Pennington's house for supper.  Jaymie had made BBQ and it was yummy.  I was mad at myself for forgetting the tray to Whitman's highchair even thought I brought his seat.  The kids had so much fun playing with each other and were pretty worn out on the way home.  

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