March 1, 2014

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Finger Fancy!

  • I guess that Graham is the one who wakes everyone up around here.  We all sleep until almost 8 but Graham and Cash were at Grannymom's house waking up right after 6.  I am going to have to up that boys dose of benedryl.  (Kidding about the benedryl but maybe I should start!)
  • Robby made the kids a breakfast of cinnamon rolls this morning and then he went off towards the treadmill.  So we ate and then I worked with Anderson on his oral report.  
  • The next big event was nail cutting-100 nails were trimmed before 10 and that is pretty good!  Then the girls wanted nail polish so that was the next thing done.  Poor Keaton's polish was all off by this evening.  I don't know what she does to her polish and I had her sitting down on the counter for a long while after painting those nails.  
  • I did my few minutes on the treadmill and then it was time to leave.  When we were putting on shoes, Anderson said "seems like we haven't left the house in a long, long time."  It had only been 2 glorious, wonderful days!  I think I am becoming a hermit.  
  • We picked up Graham who had had a wonderful time and came bearing lollipops for the kids.  Then we went to Whole Hog to eat lunch.  My Graham had eaten lunch at Grannymom's house but devoured half of a bbq sandwich.  And Reagan ate 1 and a half sandwiches.  Some meals the kids eat a tiny bit and other times they eat a ton.
  • Then we went to Sams-Sams on a Saturday afternoon is crazy, crazy.  There were free samples on the end of every aisle so we had to stop at each and everyone.  The kids kept on eating and they tried just about everything they were handed-the fried steak and grapefruit were not hits though.  
  • When we finally made it home, the kids did a bit of school work (don't worry, it was only easy stuff) and then the littles slept and the big kids watched a movie.  Robby and I also went sound to sleep while watching the kids movies with them.   
  • When we all stirred again, we had supper and then it was time for hair cuts.  Robby cut Graham and then Anderson's hair.  While the girls and Whitman had a shower.  I later cut Robby's hair but before I started, I saw 6 deer outside.  I called Reagan and Graham (the only 2 out of the shower) to come and look.  
  • I walked back to the bedroom with them watching the deer from the kitchen.  I looked out the window to see 2 deer standing up in their hindlegs and were trying to paw each other.  Seriously, I would have never believed them if I had not seen them.  I ran to the kitchen to make sure that Graham and Reagan had seen this and they were standing at the window with their mouths wide open.
  • Soon everyone were out of their showers and we let them have a tiny snack while watching our evening movies.  The kids love shouting at the tv when watching.  Tonight Campbell asked where Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal were and I told her California.  Then she said "Good, we can drive, drive, drive there."  
  • After the show, we had a short prayer time.  Campbell gets so upset if she does not get to pray at each and every meal so the other night Robby told her that they would pray together after supper.  Well since you don't do anything alone around here, everyone joined her.  They wrote out a few prayer request (Anderson's knee, more people going to church, Beebee) and then everyone went in a circle praying for one of those things.  So we did that again tonight which was kind of a nice way to end the evening.

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