February 2, 2015

Big grins before bedtime...

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  • The full weekend and a semi-late night party with the Super Bowl meant a slow morning around the house including Robby and I.  Campbell actually was the first one up which helped since she needed to be leaving for school in 30 minutes.  Robby finally got up while Campbell got dressed.  They left before anyone else stirred (well, maybe Whitman was up but he was still in his bed).
  • This meant I had to wake everyone up which is not the funniest way to start the school morning. Eventually, everyone was eating breakfast and school was underway.  It wasn't the smoothest morning but school work was accomplished. (That counts for something, right?)
  • It didn't get much better at lunch time. I decided to serve some of the sandwiches leftover from last night.  How can you go wrong with King Hawaiian bread, melted cheese and ham.  But immediately Reagan decided she didn't want any and that was a domino effect with the others.  Graham did actually eat most of his but the rest not so much.
  • After a bit of treadmill time for me and movie time for the others, we survived the afternoon and soon Robby and Campbell were home from work and Grannymom and Grandpa's.  Campbell had a fun afternoon she said and even helped stuff and sew a small heart door pillow.  Robby had picked up a few movies (free movie day at Redbox) so the kids watched one while Whitman decided he wanted to take a shower.  Robby helped him and I got myself ready for a night out.  
  • Bunko was on the agenda tonight which meant a drive to Conway.  Meanwhile, Robby managed to find a few more Wii remotes which meant 4 drivers at once at Mario Kart and an adapter so the Wii would work on the bonus room tv (thats what happens when you are given a 2006 Wii.  But it works and the kids love it.  
  • Whitman was ready for bed around 7:30 while the others played another 45 minutes before they called it a night.

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