February 25, 2015-Another Snow Day!

Do you want to build a snowman?

(click here for today's pictures)

  • We woke up around 7:30 this morning to the sounds of something or another.  We couldn't figure out what it was and it almost sounded like someone was in the kitchen stealing our silverware. Seriously, that it what I thought it was. Knowing that it wasn't the Silverware Thief, I did walk down the hall to see who was making that noise-Graham was sitting on the kitchen table making a domino track.  He was trying to be quiet but falling dominoes are just not that quiet.  He didn't see me so I quietly snuck back to my bed....
  • Until I heard those horrible words "Mom, Keaton just threw up."  And up the stairs I flew and found Keaton sitting in her bed with Campbell, Graham and Reagan standing around her.  They were all telling her something: "It will be okay" and "Momma's here."  She didn't have much in her little tummy but she did dry heave (sorry) a few more times this morning.  
  • I made her a little pallet on the floor in our room and held her for a bit before going to help Graham with his dominoes.  Then the rest of us had pop tarts for breakfast-I had all the dishes laid out for waffles and pancakes but the kids convinced me to switch to tomorrow's menu of poptarts.  
  • After our Bible reading and breakfast, the kids started on school.  I moved Keaton's pallet into the hallway so she could be right in the middle of the action.  After I let Whitman down from his chair, he walked over to Keaton who was laying on her pallet.  He squatted down and said "wha wong? wha wong?"  How sweet!
  • Robby and I had almost convinced ourselves that Keaton didn't have a tummy bug but had the flu.  She was a bit warm and we tried to take her temperature (which we never do) but couldn't get an accurate reading.  This was enough for me to be on edge this morning and not enjoy the beginnings of the snow.  By that time though I should have realized Keaton didn't have the flu and I am not too sure she had the stomach bug.  Campbell and she watched a few movies and Keaton acted pretty pitiful but the entire time she was begging me for something to eat or drink. I would give her a tiny medicine cup half filled with water and that would buy me sometime. Around 10, I did give her some yogurt and she asked for another bowl.  Then at lunch, she convinced me (I'm a sucker for a sick kid) that she needed to eat her breakfast poptart for lunch.  I let her and she had 2 pop tarts, chips, water and a cookie-that child made a remarkable recovery.
  • The rest of us did our school work and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.  During lunch I read a little and then asked who exactly was going outside to play.  Keaton was the first to say that she wasn't going to go which was fine but I kind of wanted to go outside for a bit today since this would be the last snowfall for a while (surely).  So her and Whitman and I stayed inside until Keaton saw Reagan leading the charge in making a snowman.  When Keaton saw that, we had to bundle up and head outside too.
  • When I was getting Keaton and Whitman zipped up, I thought that I probably should have kept count of how many coats I have zipped up in the last few days.  Whitman was so happy to be outside and took off running as soon as his feet hit the snow.  We made it outside in time to take some pictures and my Reagan was so happy about the snow man.  She has wanted to make one for so, so long.  And I was pretty pleased that I didn't have to do any of the work!
  • My Graham's shoes were completely soaked so when I suggested us taking a walk around the block, he broke down almost to tears.  I saw him on the bench under the porch and grabbed him new socks and shoes and all was well again.  We all went on a walk around the block and I tried and tried to get a group picture of the kiddos.  It would have been perfect-but it wasn't!  Ha!  We did finally get a decent group picture but gracious, I do hope group pictures get easier someday.
  • Once inside, we unwrapped and soon Robby came home.  Everyone helped with chores and I was walking down the steps to get Whitman to put him in bed when I heard more dreaded words "He's bleeding."  Whitman was in the living room and fell down we guess on a kindle. Keaton and Robby saw him fall and he even hopped right up but when Graham and Keaton saw him, they sounded the alarm.  
  • The poor baby had fallen on his eye and had 2 cuts under his eye and one on his eye lid.  At first we wondered about stitches but weren't too sure.  He was upset but not crazy upset.  I tell you, me kids may fight and yell at each other but when someone is hurt they are so sweet. People were running to get towels, ice, bandaids, milk-they can really take care of each other.
  • Pops and Nonna dropped by and my crew was very glad to see them.  While they were here, the kids had a dessert-snow coke (Keaton), snow hot chocolate (Reagan) and snow ice cream (Anderson, Graham and Campbell).  They ate and ate and when they were finished, we woke up Whitman so we could all look at his swollen and cut eye.  When the kids would look at him, they would walk up, take a good look and then shout "eeww" or "oh no."  I am sure that made Whitman feel great!  What he did feel great about was Nonna and Pops being there-he tried his best to leave with Nonna but alas had to stay here.
  • Supper was soon-chicken spaghetti.  I am always surprised what the kids eat and what they don't.  Our chicken spaghetti is pretty spicy but they ate it up-even my pick Whitman.  Keaton was actually the first to clean her bowl.  Then we started showers and filming of their oral reports from last month.  
  • And then it was ice cream time.  Since we missed ice cream on Sunday night, we had it tonight.  While we were eating, Reagan said that she was kind of tired of the snow.  She wanted to get out and do something.  This is the second Wednesday that we have missed Bible study and Wednesday night church.  Actually, I thought Campbell was going to cry today when she saw the snow-she told us that she hasn't seen her school friend in 15 weeks.  It probably does feel like that to her.  
  • We did watch a movie and then read our Bible story before sending the crew to bed.  I know that my Campbell is hoping to go to school tomorrow (and she probably will) but I would like just one more snow day!

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