February 24, 2015-Snow Day Round 2 Day 2!

Celebrating Grannymom's Birthday!

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  • So this was Snow Day #42 around here-kidding of course but it does feel a bit like it.  I am loving every bit of this but snow days are hard work (Robby even agreed today and vowed that tomorrow he was going to work-then he heard about the next round of snow coming!)
  • Last night we made it very clear that before any went outside today, we would eat breakfast and finish math and phonics.  This sure does light a fire under people and in no time at all I was zipping up coats and finding fingers in gloves.  Keaton and Whitman had just had a shower so they didn't go outside-Keaton didn't want to anyway. She thinks the snow is too cold.  Whitman disagreed and would have been outside in a heartbeat if I hadn't been so busy keeping him distracted.
  • At one point, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were huddled by the front window as Robby took a shovel full of snow and dropped it on their heads.  Keaton and Campbell, who had already come back in, started calling for Whitman so he could see this activity.  Whitman had just been right there but he was no where around-I quickly saw the house door open and found Whitman trying to open the door in the garage leading outside.  That turkey!
  • When the crew came back inside, they started on their school work.  I had asked everyone to find a quiet spot to work and they spread out around the house.  Reagan picked the bonus room (what I would have picked) and she just sprawled herself out on the couch and will probably work up there from now on.  Graham worked in Robby's leftover office and poor Anderson, well, he didn't get his choice room.  He opted not to work in the kitchen, in my bedroom, in the mudroom, on the steps, in the bonus room nook, in his bedroom or in my closet (the living room, toy room and school rooms were off limits because of the noise due to Keaton, Campbell and Whitman).  So where did he work? He pulled up a kitchen stool and sat in the bathroom working on the bathroom counter.  Whatever works!
  • We had our potato soup for lunch and it wasn't as good as it was last time but we shall try it again.  It was still very good but half of my kids were probably starving after lunch-Whitman, Keaton and Campbell since they ate little to nothing.  At lunch, we asked if anyone wanted to go back outside and Keaton was the only one who said yes.  I told her I would go with her since I didn't want her to miss out so of course everyone came outside with us.
  • Whitman was a bit confused today.  He walked right to where he stood and ate snow yesterday and there was just water today.  He said "snow?" and then added "all gone."  If it wasn't freezing cold, he would have stayed outside forever playing in the water but I was afraid his little fingers would fall off.  Graham was the first one to come in this time followed quickly by Campbell.  I did go on a very, very short walk with Keaton, Whitman, Reagan and Anderson before we did come in.
  • Once inside it was shower time for the girls and hair cutting time for my big boys.  In the summer, hair cutting is so easy-cut it outside, sweep it away and brush the boys off before sending them to the shower.  In the winter, all of that is done in my bathroom and it is a mess-Robby is the barber so he does take care of all of that.  I guess he was busy cleaning up messes today since he also got the one that Whitman left in the shower.
  • The afternoon was spent finishing lots of perler bead gifts for Grannymom.  I had some time to pull out school for next month and even take my hot shower.  Why so much time this afternoon?  Keaton had a nap and when she takes a nap the rest of the house is so much calmer.  She was tired and my Campbell probably could have used a nap because she was pretty tired herself.  
  • After Whitman and Keaton did wake up, we loaded up and headed to Dana's house to celebrate Grannymom's birthday.  Dana had a delicious supper of lasagna, salad and bread. The kids were pretty good tonight and Dana's fireplace was perfect.  Grannymom was pleased with all of her gifts-including a handmade scarf by Reagan.  Reagan was very concerned that I was not going to have a gift for Grannymom. She did NOT want for us to use her gift as our gift.  I tried to explain that doing that would be a compliment to her gift but she did not think so!  
  • When the evening was over, we came home and everyone put on their pjs and headed to bed. We had just gotten settled down here when we heard the kids calling for us-Keaton didn't potty before bed and realized that she needed to.  So after that, we never heard a peep out of them again-playing in the snow twice and time with cousins can wear a kid out!

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