February 13, 2015

Robby's Heart!  Happy Valentine's!

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  • If yesterday was Campbell's day, then today was Robby's day.  I guess that the kids would probably disagree and would probably think that today was their day too.  So here is a quick run down of our day...
  • Robby, after sleeping pretty much none last night, and I woke up at 6 and left for the day. Nonna and Pops had snuck in as we tried to sneak out but the kids were too excited about their morning and had stated stirring a bit early.  After listening to them talk, Pops could wait no longer and went upstairs to tell them that they could wake up.  Soon Nonna had a big breakfast on the table and the kids ate up.  Then they started on their chores and school work that I had laid out for them and by lunch they had moved the party over to Nonna and Pops' house.
  • Earlier this week, Robby went to have an elective heart ct scan and it came back with some very discouraging numbers.  He was able to get an appointment with a cardiologist that same day and they scheduled a heart cath for today.  Of course, poor Robby had pretty much scared himself to death (oh, I was just as panicked) but the worst parts of his day was the iv stick, the first 5 minutes that the nurse was sticking her fist near his manhood and wearing his iv all day long...and probably experiencing my driving once we left the place.
  • His results were honestly better than we expected.  He had some blockage but the cardiologist is going to treat him aggressively with a different combination of medicine and he will have quite a few follow ups.  So the end result was that his initial test caused lots of unnecessary panic (in this household at least) but it did cause him to take some necessary steps for some aggressive action which is a good thing.  Tonight even though his leg is a bit sore and his iv spot is bruised, he feels better than he has in a few days!
  • After lunch, Anderson, Campbell and Keaton went with Pops to go and see Beebee.  They were all happy to see her and probably happy to polish off her candy bowl.  We were thinking that Robby was going to have lay flat on his back until late this afternoon but around 3, they started unhooking him and having him slowly sit up and then take a walk to the bathroom.  We busted out of that place around 4 and away we went...to see our kiddos.
  • My Anderson had been a bit worried about his daddy and even though Nonna and Grannymom had offered to keep everyone overnight, I knew that the kids needed to see Robby and he needed to see them.  We went to Nonna's first and loved on the girls and then brought the boys to Grannymom's house.  After leaving Grannymom's house, we stopped by Dana's house for a second and before we could get out of the driveway, my boys were calling to see if Cash could come over to Grannymom's house. 
  • Then we went and did a very bad thing for a heart patient!  We had our traditional Valentine's day supper.  Robby told me that I couldn't put it on the blog so I won't but you can look at previous years to see what we ate.  This year we even added a dessert to this meal too!  But it is our Valentine's day celebration and we are home all alone with no kiddos!  This might be my very favorite Valentine's yet-sitting at home knowing that we are fairly healthy!

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