February 6, 2015

Another masterpiece!

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  • I did something today that I never do-I had planned to do school but we didn't!  This is just wild and crazy living for me.  Ha!  I usually stick pretty tightly to my schedule but I knew last night that we wouldn't be in the mood for school this morning.  And we weren't because none of us really stirred until almost 8.
  • Even though we didn't really do school, we did stay busy all morning long.  First we did science while we ate our breakfast.  Then the kids all made pictures of the Mona Lisa and cards for Beebee's aide.  I also made them do math on the computer and spelling and language with me.  Plus Reagan and Anderson had to do their Bible study and we did all of our memory work near lunch-so I guess you could say that we still pretty much did school.  
  • When you throw in everyone taking showers too this morning, we stayed busy until lunch time.  During lunch time, I read some and then we picked up and started our free time.  Reagan is working hard on rainbow loom bracelets to give away so everyone else is making bracelets galore.  If I find one more rubber band on the floor, I might just lose my mind! 
  • Whitman was playing pretty happily after lunch but I knew that he needed a nap before we headed to Beebee's place.  So he took a nap and before I knew it, I had a little bit of a snooze too.  Then we loaded up and went to a birthday party for my grandmother's nursing home aide.  Nonna brought a cookie cake, ice cream and more cookies and I brought the crowd.  My grandmother can never remember her aide's name so she calls her "momma" and the aide calls her "momma" right back.  My kids did enjoy the party (though Keaton did lean over to me when one lady left the room and said "I don't like her.")  Of course, my kids greatly enjoy any place where their is a table full of cookies and candy.  What could be better than that?  After Whitman had eaten his share of cookies, he decided he needed a drink and pulled his cup out of his bag.  Pops took him to fill his cup up with water and that baby had a sip and then promptly threw his cup on the floor-he did not want water!  I guess we will have to work on that!
  • Once at home, the kids watched a few movies while I served my treadmill time.  Then it was supper time and since we didn't have sandwiches for lunch (and have only had them twice this week) we had them for supper.  Of course someone still said "we always have sandwiches for lunch."  They were promptly reminded that this meal was not lunch-it was supper!
  • After supper, Whitman had another shower-his favorite words right now are "shower me."  During his shower, Graham read Keaton 5 books and Campbell and I did her reading book.  She still has 50 more lessons to do-about 100 days of lessons since I do each one twice.  Can we finish it before kindergarten?  That would be so nice if we could but I better get a move on.
  • Then it was Wii time-we started playing tennis with the three big kids and me.  I couldn't do it so I gave my controller to Robby.  But I had it set for a left handed person so that caused Robby to have a harder time.  He eventually convinced the kids to switch it and play about a zillion more games so he could get the hang of it.  Then Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell played a game of bowling while Keaton watched a movie on the ipad.  After all of those games, we told them that they could stay up and watch Robby and I play Mario Cart if they wanted to.  So they watched us race for a bit and then we did let them play one game before sending everyone to bed.  

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