February 18, 2015-Snow Day #3!

Still some ice for a bit more fun!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • I really thought that the kids might not notice the snow from the brief snow shower last night but I was wrong. There was more screaming about that than necessary at 7 in the morning.  I did make them stay in until 7:30 this morning so I felt like that was a pretty good compromise since they were begging me to put on the coats before 7.
  • Whitman was still in his bed and was even doing a bit of singing, so I left him in his bed while Robby listened for him.  I joined the kids and the sledding wasn't nearly as good today as it was the past 2 days but we still had a bit of fun.  And when we all did come in we celebrated the snow day with snow orange juice.  (I probably should have gathered snow for snow ice cream but that would have involved me actually putting my shoes back on so we might just have to wait until next year for snow ice cream.)
  • The kids started on their school while they rotated through the showers.  I plan a whole month of school and this weekend I was wondering how we had gotten so far behind this month but after 3 snow days we have some how caught up with our school for the month.  
  • After school was over, Reagan started working on her Valentine cards (our home school party was delayed a week this year) -she has made every kid a loom bracelet and then today we made the pretzel with a hershey kiss and m&m on top treats to put into baggies. Then the baggies and bracelets were placed into an envelope made out of a giant heart.  She has known exactly what she has wanted to do for Valentines for a long, long time.  We also had to work on Anderson's Valentines today too.  His were a bit easier-everything was completed on his but we just had to bag them up.  I am glad that all of that business is over.
  • We had lunch a bit late-in between Reagan's candies heating up in the oven (4-5 minutes) we would run around the house like crazy people cleaning up.  It was quite fun and pretty entertaining.  I did get sidetracked and forget what I had Campbell doing so she did spent quite a long time scrubbing the carpet.  I think she was enjoying herself though-probably because of those carpet cleaner fumes.
  • After lunch, we did science and our together work (mainly reading history since I have a history book from Nonna that I really want to get to soon.)  By this time, Whitman needed a nap (I did too but he was the only one who got one today.)  The rest of us played Clue and we all lost-it was pretty pitiful.  Then we played Boggle Jr. for Campbell.  She was unhappy of the way I sped up the game to keep everyone involved.  She fumed "I am so mad at you because this isn't what I want."  Reagan shot back "what do you want?" and Campbell replied "I don't know."  Of course, when she said this the rest of us just fell apart laughing at her.  She came back with "I am going to get Momma's phone and call Daddy on you."  This just caused us to laugh more.  But we all eventually had fun after we coaxed Campbell to start playing with us again.
  • Next up was movie time for the kids-or if you are Campbell and Keaton, then it is "follow mom around and talk to her continuously time."  Sometimes I just want 5 minutes without anyone talking to me-5 minutes!  But I know that some day I will be sitting here with Robby and this house will be empty and I will wish they would call and talk to me for just 5 minutes.  That sounds pretty depressing doesn't it.  Today though, I have been in a room by myself for exactly 2 and a half minutes max-I think I have been snowed in for a bit too long.  Sunday night was the last time that I left his house!
  • Robby came home and we had supper then I worked some on soup for tomorrow and finishing Reagan's Valentines.  The little people played upstairs happily for a long time while the big ones played on their kindles until they convinced Robby to go upstairs and play the wii.  They played and screamed and yelled and hollered so it was quite entertaining.  Whitman just cared to climb on me or put my camera around his neck.  Whenever he gets to my camera, he starts saying "cheese, cheese."  If only I could get his picture with my camera around his neck.  
  • After our many, many games we finally put the kids to bed. They were a little wound up from the wii and excited about tomorrows Valentine's party. 

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