February 8, 2015

Hey, I thought this pictures was about me!

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  • Powdered donuts are probably not the best thing to eat on Sunday morning after you have just put on your Sunday clothes.  Thankfully, we did only have to change one shirt after breakfast but I rode to church with black pants that were still wet from me scrubbing off leftovers from Whitman and Keaton's mouths.
  • We were running a bit late to church but still managed to see all of the grands before taking Keaton and Whitman to their classes.  In our Sunday school class, a girl did ask one of the boys if I was his mom.  I guess I was using my "mom voice" with him and forgot to use my "Sunday school teacher voice."  
  • Even though our service got out really late, the second service was on time so we were at Nonna and Pops' house in plenty of time.  They had a delicious lunch and the kids ate and ate-Graham ate and ate the rolls...after I had said only 2.  This led to him having to choose between the roll in his hand or dessert.  He picked the roll so when he was leaving the kitchen Robby told him he could have 1 hershey kiss that Nonna had out.  He took 2 so I called him on it (using that "mom voice") and made him go and put one up.  He went to put it up but just acted like he was putting it up and still left with 2 pieces of candy.  Robby saw that happen and Graham was quickly in a whole heap of trouble.
  • He sulked off to the bedrooms and then came in with a handwritten note asking for our forgiveness and professing his love for us.  The note was sweet and all but it was written in Reagan's handwriting so I am sure that she had a large part in the note.  (Which was also sweet because her and Graham do not always get along but she wanted for him to not be in trouble enough to help him write an apology note.)  
  • I told him that we forgave him and he could have a cookie but we would have to think about letting him earn his afternoon privileges back.  This led him to come and stand in front of me and ask for my forgiveness again.  I could feel Reagan behind me and Graham was intently reading the sign that she was holding above my head.  That little turkey-I guess is it just part of being a kid but if they would just realize that telling the truth or being honest is so much easier.
  • Once at home, we had a normal Sunday afternoon nap.  My favorite part about Sunday afternoons is when Campbell comes and joins me on the couch.  She is asleep in seconds after laying down with me.  I had about one hour to nap so I don't know how long she was there with me but it couldn't have been too long because she was sound asleep when I started trying to wake her up.
  • We quickly hurried everyone to put on their jeans, find their socks, put on their shoes, comb their hair, potty and get into the car.  In one swift swoop, I picked up Whitman who was sleeping in his bed and plopped him down in his car seat-probably not the easiest way to wake up but I did have snacks and drinks for everyone in the car so that probably helped a lot.
  • Choir time for 4 kiddos, a meeting for us and class for Keaton and Whitman.  They did get to play in the same class for a while.  Keaton told me that Whitman was a good boy and didn't hit any of his friends.  I thought her report was a bit odd because he doesn't usually hit but I guess that I am glad he didn't start tonight.  
  • After church the boys were running down the hall and fell hard on top of each other.  Graham hit his head pretty good but since they had both just been told not to run, they were quickly told that they had lost ice cream truck for the family.  This was devastating news to most but we did feed them supper instead of just sending them all to bed (this was devastating to me because they only left me one piece of pizza!)  
  • Everyone was tired tonight as we tucked them in and Robby told everyone that we needed a super good start to the week so hopefully we can get a lot accomplished tomorrow!

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