February 7, 2015

Grannymom & Grandpa Play the Wii!

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  • On school days the kids wake up at almost 8 but since today was Saturday, we heard them coming down the stairs at 7:03.  That was fine because the kids stayed busy and in the living room with their kindles.  Sweet Keaton quietly stepped into our room and joined us in bed.  I tried to convince Anderson that he was able to turn the oven on the preheat for our cinnamon rolls but he insisted he didn't know how so Robby did get up to show him so he could do it next time.
  • We had our cinnamon roll breakfast and before I knew it, it was time for Reagan and I to leave for church.  On the way, we did stop by and see Nonna, Pops and Jason who were watching a helicopter set air conditioning units on top of the new mall nearby.  It was pretty amazing to watch it pick up the units and quickly deliver them to the roof.  We couldn't stay long because our event started at 9:30.
  • The church put on Woven for mother's and daughters (first grade and over-that is why Campbell and Keaton didn't get to come.)  The place was decorated so cute and we found some friends and sat with them.  Everyone picked a class (sewing, painting, crafts or knitting)-Reagan picked knitting.  They had everything that we needed there and soon we were finger knitting our own scarves.  Reagan picked it up quickly and she has used 2 skeins of yarn and has completed 3 scarves and 2 bracelets since we have been home.  I did make 2 little scarves for Keaton and Campbell.  
  • After our class, we went to lunch and the lunches were so wonderful.  We had chosen turkey and it had more meat than you could believe on our sandwiches.  And it had the tiny, round cheese-Reagan had never seen cheese like that.  The dessert was a layered cake and whipped cream dessert.  But the best thing about the lunch for Reagan was the boxes-we even brought 7 home so we could use them for Valentine's day boxes.  That might have been my favorite part of the day when we were scrounging around the tables looking for empty boxes.  Nonna would have been proud too because Reagan was filling her box up with scrap pieces of ribbon and twine!
  • Meanwhile, Robby and everyone else left the house and went to see the helicopter too.  He said that it was a bit loud for Whitman so he stuck close by.  But the others were pretty interested in it.  Then they went to Grannymom's house for a little bit.  Campbell, Anderson and Graham then went with Grannymom and Grandpa to watch Cash and then Lilli play basketball.  After watching their losing games, they all did stay with Grannymom and watched the Hogs win.
  • Whitman and Keaton went with Robby to the grocery store.  Keaton probably would have gone with Grannymom too but she was very excited about getting her fingernails painted when I came home.  That was the first thing that she said to me after their grocery store trip and we did that.  But unfortunately, her polish comes off so quickly-I am sure she touches it when it is wet but it still comes off really quick even when I kept her still until they surely should have been almost dry.  She doesn't care though and we will try again when we catch Campbell up and do her nails sometime next week.
  • Whitman had a nap this afternoon while the rest of us watched the ballgame.  Reagan didn't do much basketball watching-she was busy finger knitting.  The afternoon went by fairly quick and soon we were waiting at the window (Whitman, Keaton and me) to see Grandpa and everyone else drive up.
  • We had lasagna and cookies for supper.  Then we taught Grannymom and Grandpa how to play Mario Cart.  Of course then the kids had to play a few rounds before bedtime.  They do get so wound up playing that silly thing-wonder where they get that?  (Probably me-I was screaming like a crazy lady last night when I was playing).  No matter where they picked up their craziness, it is probably not a good idea to play that before bedtime!  
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa went home, it was shower time for everyone.  I should time us on our showers sometime but I think that they are taking longer and longer!  After those showers were finally finished, we brushed teeth, had our Bible story and then went to bed!

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