February 23, 2015-Snow Days Round 2!

Loving the Snow!

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  • The kids slept a bit later today (7:30) and soon we were having our breakfast and starting on school.  Monday is cereal and fruit around here and after my big kids drank their milk, they took their cereal bowls to start on their school work.  
  • Some moments during the morning were idyllic with me working with one child in a quiet room and lots of happiness and noise going on in other rooms and some moments were chaotic with people wailing, screaming and stalling as best they could.  My Anderson took one hour and 45 minutes to do his math today (it is not hard for him at all and he missed not even one) but things like that can make me go slowly crazy....
  • Until Robby walked through and pointed quietly at the window and I saw those beautiful flakes falling.  The kids didn't notice it for a very long time but when they did notice snow dances and snow chants broke out throughout this house (most of them were led by me!)
  • After watching the snow for a bit, my summer loving husband decided that he had to get out of the house. The kids were already talking about suiting up to go outside and Keaton had already made it known that she didn't want to go outside.  So Robby asked if she wanted to go with him and she certainly did.
  • They had a big time on their little snow day adventure.  Robby had a few mystery shops to do so Keaton and Robby stopped to eat during one of his shops.  She gobbled down about 1/4th of her burger and some of a frosty.  He said that when they left, she pushed up her chair like such a big girl.  The did have some excitement-not the roads but his car battery died. Thankfully he had his cables ready and hood up and someone stopped to quickly jump him. This didn't bother Keaton at all and she just suggested that Robby call Mom.  (I wouldn't have come though-that is why I sent Keaton with her coat, hat and gloves and even stuck some crackers in her pockets just in case.)
  • They did stop by the grocery store too but by this time, Robby was a bit worried about the ever falling snow and made it a quick stop-bag of potatoes, cokes, and ingredients for rice krispy treats.  As soon as he made it home, I quickly threw the potatoes in the crock pot to start on our soup for supper (more on that later).
  • While they were out and about, the rest of us ventured outside.  We don't have enough of a hill anywhere to do any sledding (the street from the other day wasn't an option-traffic and only one adult wouldn't work).  But it didn't stop the kids-they made snow angels, they used the snow shovels and make piles of snow and even a path for Robby to come in.  
  • It was snowing so crazy while we were out there-Whitman was probably glad that he was wearing 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, 2 hoods, gloves and a pair of socks over those gloves.  The cold didn't seem to bother him and all he wanted to do was slide down the little slide and eat the snow.  I finally set my timer and told the kids that we would have to go in when it buzzed since I didn't want anyone to succumb to frost bite.  Whitman was the least happy with me-he was fine coming in but did not want to take his coat off.  When I took his coat off he started crying and cried until I suddenly heard him stop.  I looked toward the door and that little boy was opening the door and was sneaking into the garage.  I guess he was going back out (no worries, all the doors were locked).
  • It was well after 1 when we had lunch and then when Keaton did come back home, we made snow ice cream.  Anderson and Reagan were a little put out that I made them make the snow ice cream-they said "why can't you just make it yourself."  I shot back that I could certainly make it myself but I sure wouldn't be sharing.  I think my big kids are starting to get a bit lazy!
  • It was a fairly uneventful afternoon with me mainly watching the snow fall outside.  At one point, Campbell told me that Whitman probably wouldn't be able to go outside tomorrow because the snow was taller than him.  I guess that I am glad that the snow wasn't that tall-yet!
  • Robby and I had been looking forward to our potato soup all afternoon and about 5 we stirred it and nope, those potatoes weren't nearly soft yet.  It is still cooking right now-we should have known because the last time we made them for lunch, we did cook the soup all night long.  Oh, well maybe we will have it for lunch tomorrow.  
  • That meant though that we didn't have any grand ideas for supper so we just made some more waffles.  The kids liked them last night so why not eat them again.  Whitman even ate some of his waffle today and everyone left the table happy.  They had some time to play and then we played the wii until bedtime!  
  • Everyone has big plans of playing in the snow more tomorrow and I have big plans of more snowing falling sometime tomorrow!  (I probably should be in the kitchen cooking up something else just in case those potatoes never cook!)

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