February 27, 2015

AH, I love you too!

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  • Around 3 I heard lots of talking over the monitor.  I quickly went up the stairs to calm whoever was awake before everyone else was woken up.  It was Campbell who was awake-she said that she had a bad dream.  I asked what it was about and she matter of factly said that Graham went to jail.  A few weeks ago, her dream was that her Uncle Jason went to jail so I wasn't too surprised.  But for some reason this just caused me to get tickled thinking of my little Grahammy in jail.  That probably didn't help in the calming of Campbell.
  • For some reason, my kids woke up at 6:20 this morning. Robby eventually called Reagan downstairs and she climbed into bed with us.  I think everyone else thought that she was in trouble but we just had her come downstairs so she could rest more since she is the only one who wanted to be sleeping-well, her, Robby and I.
  • We had our breakfast and then started on school.  The second day in a row of no phonics and no math during school so that just makes my crew very happy.  The kids did quite a bit of work together-matching states and capitols and a speed round of geography.  Campbell and Keaton even had some work together-matching letters, being read to by Anderson and putting the alphabet in order with Anderson.  I know that the more people who are in school here at the house will be more for me to do...or maybe I need to work more on delegating some of the teaching to my big kiddos.  They have already taken over reading Campbell and Keaton's weekly reader each week and with Campbell starting kindergarten I will have to really think about what others can help with.
  • At 11, I put Whitman in bed for a quick nap and the rest of us migrated up to the bonus room.  The kids climbed on the couch and all covered up (It was cold in our house today-I turned up the heat once but should have even more.  I did have no idea how cold it really was outside).  I read to everyone for about an hour and it was one of those fleeting moments during the day that everything was pretty perfect.
  • Lunch was next with more reading.  After everyone helped pick up the kitchen, we did a Picasso face.  Each month we have an artist to do and one kid does their drawing/painting on a canvas.  I picked Anderson to do the canvas and his drawing was so gentle that it was even hard to see his picture.  On the other hand, Campbell's was bright and bold-I did draw a few lines for her though.  Next month will be Jackson Pollock so that will be fun...and a mess!
  • The afternoon seemed to drag and drag.  The kids did their normal thing but Whitman didn't cooperate with me.  He refused to take his nap so I moved him to the bonus room so he could watch me on the treadmill.  I was watching a decorating show but that seemed to un-nerve Whitman so I switched to a cartoon.  This quickly brought Campbell and Keaton up the stairs for the reminder of my treadmill time-the only reason I even got on that blasted thing was because it was freezing in this house and I needed to warm up.
  • My Campbell and Reagan really thought that afternoon was dragging too-they were anxiously waiting to go to Lilli's house for the evening and my boys were waiting on Cash to come over.  As we were about to pull out of the driveway, I remembered my phone in the house.  I went to get it and saw Grannymom had left a message about Keaton spending the night at her house.  I threw some clothes in a bag and had one more happy little girl.
  • We dropped off the girls and picked up Cash.  Then we went to eat-the big boys were perfect.  But the music playing above us really spoke to Whitman-he sang and sang!  Thankfully, we were only at Wendys so the crowd wasn't bothered.  I would put my hand over his mouth and he would laugh and then sing louder.  That child talked and talked the entire time we were there-mainly he talked to a lady at a neighboring table.  When we got him home, I kiddingly looked at him and told him that his daddy and I wanted to talk to him about his behavior at the restaurant.  He leaned his head back and just laughed!  Yep, he soon went to bed!
  • Anderson, Graham and Cash started playing the wii just about as soon as they walked in the house and we have not heard from them at all.  I am even debating making them go to bed (not really).  I do wonder how long they could stay up playing that silly thing-probably as long as I could stay up on the computer each night.  They are having a good time so all is well here!

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