February 28, 2015

Building a Monster Truck!

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  • We woke up to the sounds of the boys and Cash in the living room playing their kindles.  I don't think that it was crazy early but it is amazing how loud they can be just sitting on the couch.  It was fine though and we went on back to sleep for a few minutes.
  • Soon though we fed all the boys-waffles and pancakes-and then loaded up for our day out.  Robby said that he did have a brief moment of panic after we had left the house thinking that we had left Keaton.  I hope someone would have said something though but there was no worries because she was at Grannymom's house.
  • Our first stop was to drop Cash off and pick Reagan, Campbell and Lilli up-he had a basketball game early this morning so we made a switcheroo with him for Lilli.  Then we ran in to pick Keaton up from Grannymom's house-yesterday, we backed into Grannymom's driveway so maybe Whitman wouldn't notice where we were (he still did) but today, he was fine with pulling out of Grannymom's driveway because she gave him a bit of candy.  
  • We went to Lowes to build monster trucks.  They had a kids clinic and it was pretty neat-this was our first one to go to but we will definitely go again sometime.  You had to pre-register so Lilli wasn't able to do one but we sure needed her help with Campbell.  Keaton was too young to do one but she didn't care because Reagan helped her hammer a nail or two.  (My Keaton had the most beautiful smile but for the last few months, she has lost her smile-hopefully it will come back soon!)
  • Everyone had lots of fun hammering their trucks and if you can imagine 30 or more kids hammering then you understand the headaches that Robby and I left with (not really)  Whitman was a perfect little boy and sat in the shopping cart watching and listening to all of the noise.  After we left there, we drove across town to do a few mystery shops and then we went in and ate at Wendys.  The kids drew quiet a few looks at the restaurant since they were spread out across 3 different tables-but we managed to get out the place without spilling any drinks (a win!)
  • Then I was the one who was dropped off at the grocery store-we needed to do some major shopping so the thought was that I could do some speed shopping while Robby and the kids dropped Lilli off and then they came back and joined me.  Any few minutes kidless at the store is very helpful and today, we had a big task-using one specific coupon: spend 200 dollars and get 20 off.  I started keeping up with what I had spent and was at about 60 dollars total when I ran into Robby who had just arrived and pottied with the kids and was already on his way to filling his buggy.  Surprisingly, even with out 6 distractions we were pretty close to 200-208 before taxes.  And then with our coupons the bill was closer to 160!  Can't beat that!...except on the way home, Robby and I thought of at least 3 things that we should have bought but had forgotten about.
  • Once at home, we unloaded the groceries while the kids played.  Now we knew that we should have had those kids helping up but sometimes things are just easier to do them yourselves! Things were all put up in time for the Razorback ballgame.
  • Robby, Campbell and I went to the bonus room to watch the ballgame.  Even though Robby was rooting the hogs on the first little bit, Campbell and I were sound asleep well before halftime.  There is just something about that bonus room that makes me fall asleep pretty instantly and my Campbell and I could have probably slept there all evening long.
  • When the game was over, we had supper and ended it with rice krispy treats for dessert. Then it was shower time for everyone and as usual lately, time for the wii.  Tonight Campbell played a few rounds and then her and Keaton and I played a few board games.  Whitman sat right beside us lining up pieces and trying his best to play along with us.  At the end of the evening, everyone fell into bed from exhaustion after such a long day. 

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