February 4, 2015


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  • Wednesday morning and we barely had time to pull out the pop tarts.  I have been trying to wake up earlier and have even been waking up the past few mornings at 6:05.  Of course instead of getting out of bed, I debate if I can wait until morning to get up and go to the bathroom and after I have decided that I can wait at least another hour, I then debate if I should turn off my alarm and just sleep until the little people wake me up.  The other morning, Robby's alarm rang for what seemed to be 30 minutes while he fumbled around trying to turn the blaring alarm off.  But the problem was he couldn't figure out if it was his ipad or phone making the noise.  I just laid beside him and giggled during all of this commotion-and then I promptly went back to sleep.
  • Campbell was the first one awake this morning so I had to wake every single person up in this house.  I sure hate to wake them but I sure do enjoy them having enough time to eat breakfast and clean a few potties and empty a few trash cans before we leave for Bible study.  Seriously, everyone did wake up well and we had a few free minutes before leaving for the day.
  • After Bible study the kids told me all about the day-lots of talk of the shepherd looking for the lost sheep, Zacchaeus and even Ezra.  Even my Whitman had a good day-I didn't dare dress him in a his heavy coat today for fear that he would have a heat stroke since he keeps his coat on the entire time but I did put him in his light jacket and he was cozy and warm when I picked him up (not fevery but a good cozy and warm.)
  • We went to play at Rock Creek and the kids ran off some energy but I did forget my ear plugs yet again!  The kids enjoyed playing with the Heltz' people-My Campbell and Keaton just sat on the floor watching baby Michael scoot around.  On the way home, the kids were pretty tired so as soon as I could Whitman and Keaton went to bed.
  • Then the rest of us worked on our science and then did a bit of reading.  And after that, everyone said their oral reports one at a time while me and the other kids laid on the floor listening.  My Campbell said her report and then immediately realized that she forgot a line-not a big deal at all but even later in the evening Campbell told me that tomorrow she would remember about the 44 states (the amount of states that she has been to).  That makes me incredibly nervous-she will do great tomorrow even if she forgets a line or two but I certainly don't want her worrying about it at all.  
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by and before I knew it, I was slapping supper on the plates and telling people to eat up because it was time to go.  We loaded up and I did my quick weekly run into the library and then we were back in the car.  On the way to church, Campbell saw the clinic that she went to last week and she pointed it out to everyone-what a difference a week makes.  Last week, Campbell felt so horrible but thankfully her flu just lasted a few days and all stayed well.
  • After church, we came home and the big people needed showers because they were hot, hot from all of the games they played during church.  They had their showers while we passed out snacks and worked on putting people to bed.  It was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be another great day! 

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