February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Party for C's class!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Last night when we went to bed, I told Campbell that the next morning was her day and Campbell's day it sure was (school vday party, shopping with Nonna and Pops and then Adilyn's bday party)  Needless to say that it didn't take her long to get up and get her clothes on this morning.  And since today was waffle and pancake day, that was just an added bonus to her day.  
  • Keaton and Whitman were able to go with Robby to drop her off.  And then they went to the grocery store and shopped and shopped.  I think Robby is getting ready for the snow!  Oh, I hope that it snows and maybe ices-but then again maybe I don't!
  • This was our last day of real school for the week (the kids will do a bit tomorrow with Nonna and Pops)  The kids did really good and were almost finished with their work by 10 and that was the time that I started looking for my grocery shoppers to return.  When they pulled in, we grabbed his groceries out of his car and then we pulled out.  Reagan had begged to go with me and Keaton to Campbell's valentine's day so we let her tag along. 
  • The party was fun and all my girls even had cupcakes.  When we walked into the room, Keaton saw all of the kids sitting at the table and she found a seat and sat down too-I think she is really ready for preschool.  They played a game (passing a heart around to earn a prize) and Campbell really wanted Keaton to sit by her but I had told her that she couldn't win a prize so she didn't want to play. 
  • Meanwhile, the boys were back at home and they watched a movie and pretty much loafed around until we came back home.  On our way home, I dropped Keaton and Campbell off at Nonna and Pops' house.  They had big plans of going shopping at the mall.  On the way to school, Keaton said that she wanted to go to the mall they were building.  Campbell told her that they couldn't go there because it isn't open yet but that Nonna was going to take them to the big mall out of state.  Robby was a bit concerned that Campbell thought they were going to the Mall of America but thankfully that wasn't the one that Campbell had in mind.  The girls had a big time eating and shopping.
  • We had lunch here and then did a bit of cleaning before we let the kids do a bit of wii playing.  This was a big bonus because they got to play all by themselves so they could be as loud and crazy as they wanted to.  While they did this, I did some of my chores and my Whitman slept.  
  • Soon the girls were home from their shopping trip and they watched today's redbox movie.  Whitman woke up and him and the girls were so upset with each other over a silly pretend pie with vegetable and fruit pieces in it.  Robby finally took him upstairs to find some of his toys and he played up there for a while but soon found the girls and their pie again.  
  • Soon Campbell and I loaded up again (after sneaking out of the house so Whitman wouldn't fall apart) and we headed to Larry's pizza for Adilyn's party.  Campbell was in her element-I think she loves birthday parties, loves Adilyn, loves those games and loves pizza!  She quickly used her coins and bought a tootsie roll pop, a pixie stick and a jolly rancher!  It took her just as long to decide on the prize as it did to spend all of her tokens.  
  • Robby cooked supper for everyone else tonight-biscuits, sausage and eggs.  Then they all had showers and played the wii some more until we came home.  We ended the evening with Campbell and Keaton playing Mario Cart-oh, my 3 laps around the track can take so long when you have 2 drivers that aren't that great!  It is a hoot to watch!

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