February 10, 2015

Riding in style!

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  • So I have this breakfast menu that I follow each day and it works out splendidly usually-but today toast was on the menu and when I opened up the cabinet I found the bread bag and discovered 2 heels and 1 piece of bread.  I do have at least 3 loaves of bread in the freezer but I don't really know if you can toast frozen bread so it was hot dog buns to the rescue.  I toasted those things in the oven and made cinnamon toast for everyone.  And I swear every single child that walked into the kitchen said "hot dogs for breakfast?"  Even though they turned their noses up, they pretty much devoured their breakfast.
  • I did make the mistake of getting Whitman dressed before breakfast.  He didn't care about his toast but he smeared yogurt on himself from head to toe.  After telling Robby and Campbell bye, I nearly had to hose the boy off so he wouldn't smell like soured milk all day.  I didn't clean him well enough because he did smell all day but I knew we would be playing outside later which means showers so I just hugged him and tried not to breathe.
  • School was fairly uneventful-we have started working on poems to say next week with our homeschool buddies.  Writing anything, much less a poem, with Anderson could push a person over the edge.  He can not think outside the box at all-at all!  Maybe he will grow out of it or maybe he won't and will grow up to be some type of technical writer-that he could do and do well.  
  • We did some of our together work and then started on lunch.  I actually had lunch ready early so that was a bit strange for all of us.  We read a bit and then the kids started on some of their chores-lots picking up in the toy room.  Some days I think we have way too many toys and other days, I watch them all play happily with toys surrounding them...today was a day that I felt we had too many toys!
  • Campbell spent the afternoon at Nonna and Pops' house.  She usually comes home with some type of dessert for us and today it was cookies.  Even though I had just passed out snacks when she came home, she still passed out her cookies and we gobbled them up.  She may grow up to be a little chef!  
  • I had told the kids all day long that when Campbell came home we were going to go outside.  I thought the weather was a bit warmer than it really was.  I was quite shocked when I was outside saying bye to Nonna and Pops.  It was just chilly-I pressed on and kicked everyone out (after making them put on their jackets).  
  • Campbell rode her bike, Whitman explored the play house, Anderson and Graham played basketball, Reagan swung, Keaton rode her tricycle and all of us played a game of frisbee/kickball.  We were outside until almost supper time and when poor Keaton came in, Robby said that her little hands were freezing.  
  • Next up was showers for all and then supper.  I let the kids vote on which veggie to eat tonight-peas won but Anderson was oddly very disappointed that it wasn't carrots so I opened that can too and everyone was happy.  I tried to eat a carrot too but almost gagged!  (I really only like carrots raw.)
  • After supper was over, we had our delayed ice cream truck and even though my Whitman had cried pretty much all through supper (and before supper) he gobbled down his ice cream and then was a sweet happy little boy.  He has a bit of a cold and almost fell asleep this morning during school and then tonight he was just so fussy-until that ice cream!
  • We watched two of our Bible story movies and then it was bedtime for all.  I mentioned to Robby that the kids seemed pretty calm tonight possibly because they went outside.  I might need to try out that hypothesis tomorrow...oh, not tomorrow though, Bible study and church and I won't have the time or energy to do showers in between!  

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