February 9, 2015

A little boxing before bedtime...

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  • Every morning lately, when Campbell and Keaton wake up down the steps they come carrying baby dolls, diaper bags and pushing a shopping cart.  That silly shopping cart has a bum wheel and squeaks as it rolls into our room.  I hid that thing in the closet tonight so maybe it won't find its way into our room in the morning.
  • This was a big morning around here-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all left for the day.  The first stop was Nonna's house for Keaton and Whitman.  They spent the day at Nonna's house and had great time.  Neither one of them were ready to come home-they played, they napped, they snacked.
  • And Campbell spent her morning at school and then was picked up by Grannymom and Grandpa.  Last week, Campbell came home with holes in both pairs of her good blue jeans.  Grannymom noticed her holly jeans and mentioned that they should go shopping-Campbell was ready in a heartbeat to go shopping and off they went.  Campbell came home with 2 pairs of jeans and she couldn't have been happier.  
  • Back at home, we were down 3 kids and I had expected that school would go smoother and quicker than usual but I was wrong.  It was just the same as each and every other day.  I guess I should be pleased that having Keaton, Whitman and sometimes Campbell here doesn't affect the kids school to much.  But I was a little bummed that it still took as long but that was fine since we still managed to finish everything and without the others I did have some extra time complete my own chore list.
  • We had our lunch and I finished off one book that we are reading and now we have to start on the book that I had planned on reading in February (George Washington's Socks-I know nothing about it but thought it would be a good February read aloud chapter book.)  The boys had to finish up their school and then everyone did a bit of picking up.
  • Since my little people were gone, I walked on the treadmill and then played with my Christmas jigsaw for a bit.  I was very careful not to cut off any fingers or the cord so even though I can't cut a super straight line, I was still pleased with my skills.  When I had finished my cutting, Pops and Nonna brought home Keaton and Whitman.  
  • When they walked into the door, Whitman ran all through the house as fast as he could.  I think that he was excited to be here and quickly noticed that everyone else (except Anderson) was eating an orange so he had to have one too.  He gobbled up his orange and then convinced Keaton to bring him some milk.  
  • It didn't seem like my little people had been here too long when Robby and Campbell came pulling up.  They unloaded and soon we were eating our supper-leftovers.  8 people and 4 different meals but a much cleaner fridge.  After supper, the big kids went upstairs to start some type of Olympics-there were races, long jumps and possibly even a pole vault competition.  To us downstairs, it sounded like a herd of elephants stomping around above us.
  • My sweet quiet little people had a shower and they weren't really sweet or quiet when they were showering but at least they were clean!  Eventually, we all headed to the bonus room to play the wii.  Everyone played 2 games while the big 3 took turns in the showers.  Keaton was the most devastated when her turn was up and she had to pass the controller over to the next player.  
  • The kids all became pretty tickled at bedtime and I am surprised that they were quiet but it sounds like everyone is asleep-I am crossing my fingers that they are all asleep!

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