February 21, 2015

A serious family game of Mario Cart!

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  • None of us stirred in the night but the first thing we all heard was the thunder at 7.  I guess I was still pretty asleep because to me it sounded like Keaton and Campbell sliding down the stairs.  I did wake up on the second burst of thunder and heard the kids talking upstairs.  Keaton asked what that was and someone answered that it was thunder.  
  • Since it was Saturday morning, Robby's closet was unlocked and the boys and Campbell headed straight there to grab their kindles.  Keaton joined us in our bed and wanted to make sure that we heard the thunder.  She wasn't bothered by it at all but she did want to talk about it.  I would have been scared to death if I heard that loud thunder when I was a kid-but I wasn't sharing a room with my 4 older brothers and sisters.
  • I made some muffins for breakfast with Keaton and Campbell's help.  Brown sugar muffins-sound good, don't they.  I had one child eat all of their muffin-and I don't even remember who it was or I would state that they were my favorite.  They did gobble up about 33 dollars worth of fruit at breakfast time but not so much with my muffins.  I threw them in a bag and froze them so I guess I will have breakfast for the next few days.  (They were okay but since it called for oatmeal, you could taste that a bit more than I would have liked.)
  • Robby and I had a wedding shower to go to so we braved the crazy rain and dropped the kids off at Nonna and Pops' house.  The shower was fine and afterwards I ran by the library.  And then we were soon back to Nonna's house to fetch the kids.  They weren't too pleased with us being there but no one put up too much of a fight.  Nonna offered to feed us lunch but we figured that since we were going to be there tomorrow for lunch we better head home.
  • Once at home, the kids started playing and we made lunch-sandwiches, pizza and leftover quesadillas-cleaning out the fridge.  Then we enjoyed the rainy afternoon with a bit of a nap-we did have 5 kids come upstairs to the bonus room to ask when we were going to get them their snack.  They were all from the same room-don't you think that when one kid went to ask about snack, they would mention where they went or what they found out to the other people in the room.  But no, everyone came and asked individually and then they were all surprised when we said it would be later.  No snacks tomorrow-unless it is snowing and then I will let them eat whatever they want!  (Crossing my fingers for some snow.)
  • Eventually, we had to feed the kids supper.  Robby really wanted to go out to eat but I talked him out of it since it is still February and no spend month here at the Dennie house (how is that going you ask?  Well, I think Robby's little heart cath blew no spend month's profits away!)  So for supper, it was corn dogs for all and then turkey burgers for us after the kids went to bed.  
  • Since tomorrow is church, we thought that we should give the kids their weekly showers.  Showers all around and then some playing of the wii-if you look at our pictures from tonight and compare them with the pictures from yesterday they look the same.  The past 2 nights we took pictures late while playing the wii and the kids were all wearing the same pjs.  (Probably should have washed them since they had showers-oh, well, I have enough laundry without adding anything more.)
  • So you know when your kids have been playing Minecraft a bit too much when this happens:  During our Bible story tonight, Robby read about Jesus telling a man to "awake" and the man, who was once dead, sat up.  And then Anderson yelled "zombie!" and Graham held his arms out and started moving like a zombie.  Yep, more Bible time this week and less Minecraft time!

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