February 22, 2015

Reading with brother!

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  • This Sunday morning I did manage to avoid getting powdered donuts on my clothes.  But since my sweater already had spots on it when I put it on, I don't think that it mattered much (I did get them off before church-most of them.)  Campbell was the most excited to get dressed today because she had a new dress to wear and Keaton always does love putting on her "panty-toes."
  • Once at church, we had to wait on Nonna and Pops to arrive.  And when Pops walked in, Campbell looked him over and quickly turned to Nonna and asked "why is Pops wearing a dress?"  She is a pretty observant thing but she was referring to Pops' long overcoat.  
  • I was the one who could hardly sit still today during church because I was so excited about the forecast-ed winter weather and since they cancelled church that made me even more excited.  Those preachers must have a direct line to God and know all about winter weather! (except there isn't yet any snow at 8:30 so maybe their direct line to God isn't that great!)
  • We had chili for lunch at Nonna's house and this was the perfect day for chili.  The kids gobbled up the crackers and all of the fixings along with dessert.  We stayed for a while and then headed home for our afternoon naps.  
  • Naps (mine and Robby's) were going splendidly until Campbell and Keaton joined me on the couch.  I thought oh how wonderful, we all can snuggle together but those little monkeys laid still but never went to sleep.  That kind of woke us up enough that we never really had a great nap so we did what any adults should do on a lazy Sunday afternoon-get up and play the wii.  We had played about 6 games when we heard footsteps on the stairs.  Robby jumped up to turn off the tv and hide our controllers but we were still busted.  We denied it vehemently but they still were pretty sure we had been upstairs playing their game.
  • While the kids picked up the house, Robby made supper-waffles, sausage and strawberries.  Campbell and Keaton laid in the hallway "reading" Thomas the train books to Whitman.  Whitman found the books today and brought them to me saying "choo-choo."  He loves trains and the girls love that he likes trains named Thomas.  They love this fact so much because they call him Thomas all the time-all of the time.  If you see him and shout out "Thomas" my baby will look at you-at least that is his middle name.
  • Supper was delicious and we gobbled up every last drop of it.  The kids had some time to play upstairs and then we watched a few duck dynastys before bedtime.  Pretty lovely evening-could only be better if it was snow that was falling and not a rainy cold mess!  But I will take any winter weather that I can get.

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