February 14, 2015-Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrating Valentine's Day!

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  • Robby and I were in bed by 8:30 last night and after he slept some (still sleeping off some of his happy meds) then he woke up and we both had a bit of trouble going to sleep.  But I think that we were so excited about getting to sleep in this morning that we were up at 6!  Yes, 6-we did stay in bed until 7 but then I emptied the dishwasher, pulled out clothes for tomorrow and poured us some orange juice before we moved our party to the couch.  
  • We watched a tv show and then a movie.  The movie was okay but not really great.  By the time the movie was over, we were getting sleepy from our early morning but I had to get up, shower and go and get my Whitman.  He just isn't the best sitter still these days so we didn't think he would enjoy going to Cash's ballgame like my other boys would.
  • I picked him up from Grannymom's house-he was happy to see me but also didn't want to leave Grannymom so he kept having me hold him and then going back to Grannymom and back and forth.  My big boys saw me drive up and ran to the back of her house and then the avoided me until they saw me drive off.  I guess they thought I had come to pick them up!
  • Whitman and I had one errand to run before heading home and soon we were home.  Whitman joined Robby and I on the couch.  I had heated up my leftovers and gave Whitman his lunch and he just sat between us on the couch perfectly.  He stayed there until Reagan and Pops came home in the big van.  And a few minutes later, Keaton, Campbell and Nonna showed up in their car.  
  • The girls were happy to get their Valentine's day bags from us (I think this might be our first year to do this!)  Of course they quickly found a few things to munch on.  After a while, my Whitman was so tired that he could hardly walk without falling down and getting hurt, so he was put to bed and the girls all decided that it was movie time.  Robby went to pick up the boys from Grannymom's house after they had watched Cash and Lilli play their basketball games.  
  • Once the boys were home, they were given their Valentine's candy and joined the girls watching movies.  The watched movies until we finally made supper-or breakfast.  So I think that we and the kids have a breakfast addiction: Thursday night Robby cooked breakfast for the kids supper, Friday morning Nonna cooked the kids a big breakfast, Friday night Pops took the girls to IHOP and Grannymom made the boys stackfuls of pancakes, this morning they all had breakfast and then tonight we made breakfast for supper.  (It is a good think that tomorrow for breakfast, we are having spaghetti-not really!)  We are really just trying to clean out our fridge (in case the power goes out!-though I unfortunately don't think that is going to happen!)
  • After supper, we picked up the house and then showered everyone.  Then we did let them play the wii for a bit.  I do love playing Mario Cart but tonight boxing was my favorite.  Campbell and Graham boxed and poor Campbell was so tired by the end of it that she could barely punch anymore.  But then I played Keaton, the 3 year old, and she almost knocked me out.  I will have to take a shower tonight because of that boxing match!  She was just swinging her arms like she was skipping along and sweat was dripping down my face!
  • After our little games, we sent everyone to bed!  They were exhausted from their big nights out and we were tired from doing nothing all day!

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