February 15, 2015

All smiles for ice cream!

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  • Church morning this morning and we worked on finishing off the leftover biscuits (I even had some tonight for supper).  Whitman had a powdered doughnut and rubbed all over my black sweater as I took him to the shower this morning.  The same thing happened last week and I probably should be the last one to put on clothes around here.  
  • Robby is pretty much all healed up and even though he had thought about resting this morning, church sounded like a better choice.  I am glad that he did come since he dropped us off so we didn't have to freeze.  (Of course we had to tell pretty much all of the kids' teachers that their coats were in the car...or still at home! Coats are so overrated and so much trouble!)  
  • We left Sunday school a few minutes early and even beat Dana and her crew to Grannymom's house.  The kids ate and then started playing their game of hide and seek (this is what they play when we will not let them go outside)  After a few rounds, we headed home for naps and a bit of movie time.  
  • Nap time didn't last too long and unfortunately I slept on the bumpy pillow and it was still very much apparent when I went to church tonight.  I spent time during my meeting rubbing my cheek trying to get the lines off so everyone couldn't tell I had been napping.  Even though Sunday afternoon napping is a Biblical mandate  :) (kind of!)  
  • After church, the kids were very careful not to run in the halls so they didn't lose their ice cream truck like they did last week.  So we did get to enjoy our ice cream as the winter precipitation nears our house! 
  • Pretty much all day long, my dad and I have been texting about the weather and checking on the snowfall at each other's houses (there has been none and it is usually pretty much the same since we live just miles away).  Robby tonight said that we are like tornado chasers but focused on winter storms instead.  I guess my kids are like us-they can not wait on the winter weather.  I am sure that someone or many someones will be up early in the morning.  They have already talked about who will come and get us if the lights go out in the middle of the night, they have tried to convince us not to do school and have asked repeatedly about the location of their sleds.  
  • I have started the dishes, have most clothes clean in preparation for this winter storm.  We probably should have cooked some food (we did that last year and then their predicted winter storm was a bust so I sure didn't want to jinx things this year) and now I am going to cuddle up under a blanket, drink some hot chocolate and stay up and look out the window!

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