February 26, 2015

I'll show you my muscles!

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  • I checked my phone about a zillion times this morning hoping that the freezing fog we saw last night caused some major havoc on the roads early this morning. But much to Campbell's delight, she was able to go to school this morning. Keaton was just as excited getting to take an early morning run to drop Campbell off. And poor Whitman didn't get to go this time-I think Robby was trying to avoid all of the questions about what happened to the child.
  • Whitman's eye still looks pretty bad but it doesn't bother him at all-except when we try to put the medicine on it.  That doesn't even hurt him but he doesn't like us touching so near his eye. The kids are still so worried about his eye and continue to look at him and then shudder or shake their head in disgust!
  • We did school and since the snow days have caused us to get a bit ahead of schedule so this was a rather light day and ended with all of the kiddos (Keaton and Whitman included) sitting around the school room computer watching a video (a completely non-educational video). After this video, we all got ready and everyone headed out to pick up Campbell.
  • Campbell had a wonderful day of school and was pretty excited to go and see Beebee.  Robby dropped us off and ran a few errands.  Beebee was happy to see everyone no matter how wild they were.  Whitman did sit quietly on Beebee's bed and eat candy for half the time that we were there and the other time he would try to sneak out the door and run to the hallway-Robby reminded me that last time I was there, I swore that I would strap that child in his stroller the next time we went back and I didn't listen to him.  
  • When Robby arrived, he had lunch for the kids to eat in the car while I ran in to the library to pick up a few books.  My little run into the library took forever-the nice library ladies were looking for a book for me and they were working so hard that I couldn't just say not to worry about it.  Since the kids had food and a movie they were perfectly fine and probably never even realized that the car was stopped.
  • Back at home, Whitman had a nap and Keaton and Campbell had been begging to take a nap together.  And who am I to deny that request?  I tucked them both into the same bed and after switching beds 3 more times, I do think that they did have a nap-or at least they were quiet upstairs for about 2 hours.  Downstairs, Graham, Anderson and Reagan did 3 science lessons-we now have caterpillars and baby ladybugs (officially called Ladybird Beetles) around here.
  • The afternoon, as always, seemed to fly by and soon we were dishing up supper.  The kids ate more corn than I had expected-even Whitman had some (miracle).  Next up were a few showers-Whitman has gotten pretty adamant on not being in the shower by himself-not even for a single second.  When one person steps out, the next one has to be ready to step in.  Our change over wasn't so seamless when Keaton came in so out Whitman came and that left Keaton all alone in the shower.  She was so upset that no one was taking a shower with her an cried pretty much the entire time-she was the last unshowered Dennie so there was no one else to join her.  I briefly thought of sticking Whitman back in the shower but lately, our routine after his showers is for me to chase his naked self around the house a few times before catching him and putting his clothes on him.  
  • After this, we all headed upstairs for a bit of wii time.  Reagan was the one who was on fire tonight but nothing gets everyone all crazy acting like playing a round of tennis.  Graham and I won one game but Reagan and Anderson beat us on the other ones.  Needless to say, everyone was wound up when it was bedtime.
  • During our Bible reading tonight, Robby started and I really felt like I had heard the story before.  But right now, our nightly Bible reading is corresponding to our daily morning Bible reading in Mark which is also about the same as the kids Sunday school lessons and Wednesday night activities.  Then after reading a few more sentences, Robby did realize that he had read the same story last night and we moved to the next story-one that we have also heard in many different places!

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