February 11, 2015

Future Photographer!

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  • We woke up in enough time to get things accomplished around here and even eat breakfast.  I wish I could wake up a bit earlier these days but I sure can't drag myself out of bed-my current goal is to get out of bed at least when I hear footsteps above me.  
  • Even though I did manage to get up today before those footsteps made it downstairs, I did climb back in bed briefly so I could cuddle with Keaton. Each night, I lay out what we need to leave the house on the benches and that helps very much so we can just run out the door.  But when you forget to lay out the diaper bag, it isn't very helpful.  When I got to Bible study, I realized that I didn't have Whitman or Keaton's bag. Keaton's bag is pretty fine to forget since it is only for if she has an accident (which she doesn't anymore) but poor Whitman did need a bag.  Thankfully, I was able to find a few diapers and a cup in the bag.  But when I went to pick him up, he was not going to leave his room until he had his bag.  Finally, we had to tell him that I already had it.  
  • After Bible study, we played with the Heltz' at Rock Creek.  There were 2 other large families there from Bible study so the kids all had lots of friends to play with.  Last week Whitman spent most of his time at Rock Creek laying on the floor in protest that I didn't bring him a real drink and only brought him water.  This week he played and played (yep, I did sneak him in a juice box-everyone else had water).  He even went down the big slide 2 times-with lots of help from his brothers and sisters.
  • We then went to see Beebee and Whitman did his laying on the floor bit there.  Of course he was exhausted and he let everyone know it.  When he wasn't laying in the floor, he was running down the hallway towards Beebee's room.  It took me a bit to figure out why he was doing this but then I realized he was going to get more candy-we had already eaten all of Beebee's candy and he was going to look for some more.  A one year old running down the hall of a nursing home causes lots of commotion!
  • Once at home, everyone spent some time outside while I unloaded from the morning and put everything up.  They came in just as I had finished straightening downstairs so it was soon bedtime for Whitman and Keaton.  That silly girl did the same thing that she did last week-laid in bed for about 45 minutes and then got up.  I don't know if she could hear us downstairs doing science or not but I really wanted her to nap some today.
  • For church tonight, the kids had to dress as what they wanted to be.  The boys thankfully picked football players.  I am not thankful that they think they want to be football players but I am thankful that we had football jerseys to quickly throw on.  Reagan decided this year that she wanted to be a photographer so we printed up a camera for her to wear.  Campbell and Keaton participated too and Campbell was a waitress and Keaton was a chef.  
  • On the way home, we stopped for gas and Robby ran in to buy a little something (not alcohol) and was asked "Where you born before 1997?"  He had never been carded and was so shocked (and flattered) by this that he struggled to answer the question.  
  • After putting on pajamas tonight, the discussion at the bar went to past wounds and Robby again showed off his scar from a tree limb stuck in his leg (that Grandpa pulled out and then gave him a grape popsicle to feel better).  This led to him recalling the time that Grandpa's finger was dangling off and Les had his head hit by a rock (not by Dana as the story goes).  All of this talk caused Reagan to flee the room in horror and sweet Keaton asked "Is he at the doctor?"  She thought all of this had just happened and didn't realize that it all happened before 1997!

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