February 17, 2015-Snow Day 2!

Snowball Fight!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • I guess you could say that today was a little bit like that movie Groundhog Day. When the clock struck 7, there were footsteps and lots of screaming "it is still snowy!"  Then those footprints became stomps as they ran down our hallway.  I let them go outside and didn't even think twice about my 4 big kids sledding in front of the neighbors house at 7:09.  I figured neighbors who have 9 cars parked in their yard probably wouldn't mind a bit of noise!
  • I stalled so Whitman wouldn't have to go outside and Keaton looked at the snow and said "I don't like that the snow is cold."  I would have to agree one hundred percent with her.  The kids played for a while but the smell of monkey bread inside cooking brought them in.  I only had 2 small cans of biscuits instead of the usual 4 and we devoured it.  My silly Whitman and Keaton didn't eat their monkey bread-Keaton even had a pretty good fit about not wanting any. Campbell answered her with "they tried to tell me it had monkey's in it but it doesn't have monkeys in it.  Momma doesn't have any monkeys to put in it."
  • After our breakfast, we started on school.  The kids did well today and most were finished by 11:30.  Robby left his closet and made lunch for the crew.  (His closet is his new office-we can't find him as easily in there.  Though I do think that he really just locks the door and lays down in the floor and takes naps.)  
  • As soon as lunch was cleaned up and we straightened the house, it was time to send everyone back outside.  I went ahead and suited up myself since I wanted for Whitman to have one more chance to play in the snow/ice.  It was so drippy and slushy today that pretty much everyone was soaking wet when we came in.  The kids all had showers or baths while I made frozen hot chocolate like at Serendipity's in NY and Las Vegas.  We did our science and together work while they drank their delicious drink (though you just can't please everyone all the time-Keaton and Campbell didn't like this!)
  • The kids then watched their movies and worked on their perler beads while Whitman napped. Robby had eventually had all that he could take and left the house.  Actually, I was out of milk and an icee road was much more inviting than the next 24 hours with Whitman and no milk. Thankfully the roads were fine for him and only icee in a few places.
  • When he came home we had supper.  When the kids started playing Red Rover Red Rover in my bedroom, I quickly dumped my clean laundry basket out and said "get started."  After the laundry was put away, we had some rice krispy treats and watched a movie before going to bed.    

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