February 1, 2015

Watching the Big Game and the commercials!

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  • Three kiddos were in the bed with us this morning by about 7:05 and Graham couldn't find a spot so he covered up in the floor.  Obviously, that didn't last long and soon everyone was putting on church clothes so they could go and eat. I did get Whitman from his bed and try to put him in our bed but he only wanted a diaper.  So after his diaper change, Robby and I cuddled with him for a minute.
  • We left a few minutes later than normal this Sunday but we needed to be there a few minutes early.  Maybe not having Reagan there messed up our routine.  She had spent the night at Alyssa Kate's birthday party-they went out to eat, played bingo, swam and did a bit of vandalism (silly stringing a house).
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham sang in big church with the adult choir.  I love watching them sing and my Campbell sat the stillest she has ever sat while watching her sister and brothers sing.  At the close of church, Anderson walked the aisle to talk to the preacher.
  • Campbell went home with Grannymom after church-she still has a bit of a cough so I didn't want her to cough all over her friends.  But the rest of us were soon at Grannymom's house for lunch.  We celebrated the Super Bowl early with the traditional Super Bowl meal of pizza.  The kids were a bit funny to watch today-Cash was sitting on the couch playing the ipad while Anderson and Graham sat on each side of him and Lilli was on the other side of the couch looking at a book with Reagan and Campbell on her sides.  My babies love their cousins.   
  • Once at home this afternoon, we had the kids do a bit of work for us and then we let them play for the rest of the afternoon.  They had a leisurely afternoon while we worked and worked-spinach dip, cheese dip, taco salad fixings, jalepeno corn dip, brownie batter dip, rice krispy treat shaped footballs.  And when you add that to the McGuires chocolate cake and buffalo chicken dip and the Pennington's rice krispy peanut butter cookies and homemade salsa we had a lot of food.  
  • The Hugheys came over as well and we all had a fun evening.  The kids are at a pretty perfect age-the boys watched the game and played on the wii, the little girls played together and the big girls played together.  That only left Whitman who was a bit needy at first but finally found his spot in front of Robby playing with his toys.  We did play a game of Super Bowl squares and had a prize at every quarter.  My Campbell one twice and a McGuire won the other times. My Graham really, really wanted to win but he just wasn't close!
  • We ate pretty much the entire first half and then finally moved to the living room for the rest of the game.  It seemed like the second half went pretty quick and soon everyone was heading out.  We had the kids clean up the upstairs of the house and put on pjs and soon they were in bed leaving only the kitchen for Robby and I to do.  The kitchen was neat and dishes were running before our guests had probably tucked their kids in so that was nice.  We then we sat down on the couch for a few minutes before going to bed...to play Mario cart.

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