Camping in November: November 13, 2015

Camping at Petit Jean!

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Everyone knew that this was a trip morning and they were ready to go first thing this morning.  Graham started counting down early, early this morning. If I heard him say how many hours until we leave once, I heard him say it a zillion times. At one point in the day, I had to tell him to stop looking at the clock.

The first thing that I did this morning was call about getting Keaton a doctor’s appointment. When I asked her this morning if her ear hurt, she said that it did not but we still made her an appointment.

The kids all had breakfast and they started on their school work as I got myself, Keaton and Whitman ready for the doctor. Robby was there I guess that he cracked the whip because by the time that we had returned, they were all finished with school and already watching a movie. Anderson said that they had been finished for about an hour.  Wow, maybe I should be gone everyday.

Whitman and Keaton cracked me up at the doctor’s office.  They spent the time waiting in the exam room looking out the door or playing Doc McStuffins.  Whitman would get so mad if we would talk about a shot-I guess that he remembered getting his flu shot.

Keaton was jumping around the exam room when Dr. Martin came in and you would never thing that she was sickly at all.  But yep, 2 infected ears.  She said that the worst ear wasn’t even the one that she had complained about.  So that meant that our next stop was Sams for some medicine.  I do believe that my little girl is getting spoiled on her shopping trips out-she was adamant that she received candy when we went to Sams.  Well, of course I was not going to buy her a 20 pound bag of candy so she had to settle with a bottle full of antibiotics.

When we did get home, Robby gave Keaton her meds and I started to work on school with the kids.  We just had a bit of work to do-everyone had their language to do but we breezed through that and had the downstairs picked up by the time we had made lunch.  

I do not remember writing about it but yesterday, Reagan volunteered to make lunch for everyone.  She had asked if she could make a snacky lunch and she did-it took her 45 minutes but everyone was fed and happy and everyone else is now begging me to let them have their turn making lunch-and I certainly will.  

It didn't take too long for my time keeper to come and tell me that it was almost time to leave. Robby had spent most of yesterday loading up the cars so today we just had a bit of last minute packing to do. Now, yes, both cars were pretty much full and we could have possibly squeezed into one car but we would not have been able to bring the kids bikes and other essentials like the huge tv for the game tomorrow or the ice cream maker.

Robby drove the red car and I drove my van and we made room for Shannon, Layne and Brett to squeeze in with us. Shannon had purchased all of the food for our camping trip and I believe that she had us confused with the Duggars because we could camp out here for another week and not go hungry. Tony was bringing their camper up after he finished work so they just threw a few things in our car and then we were off.

We stopped once for Shannon to meet a friend, once to pick up Layne and once to meet back up with Robby who ran to Walmart to pick up a few things. So when we finally made it to Petit Jean the kids were surprised that we had finally made it.

After checking in, we drove right to the spot and started unloading. Poor Brett, Shannon and Layne-they had to help us unload and get settled and then do it all over again when Tony arrived (though their settling in took considerable less time).

The first order of business was the tent. We set it up in record time but some how it is not exactly right-we discovered this well after dark so we might try to fix it tomorrow or maybe not. Reagan and Layne then arranged the foam mats from our garage in the floor of the tent while the boys unloaded the wood from Robby's car.

Then we moved on to setting up the lawnchairs, grill and eating tent. Thankfully, Robby had a shop light which provided ample light to do all of this in the dark. We had about 30-45 minutes of day light before it quickly became dark. Robby grilled hot dogs and headed up Shannon's cheese dip and the kids had themselves supper along with a few snacks while waiting on Tony.

We all sat around the campfire and then the excitement of the evening was watching him back their camper into the spot. It was not an easy job-which was a good reminder to Robby that we do not need one. He had been pretty convinced that it would be so nice to have everything loaded and ready to go all of the time.

Then the adults ate as the kids begged us to pull the s'mores out. When we finally did they plowed through both nights supply of marshmallows. That is fine since we did have cookies to make tomorrow along with ice cream and apple cobbler. After we had eaten the s'mores, Whitman said "I go home now" and I pretty sure he wasn't talking about climbing in the tent.

The fire was warm and surprisingly, it wasn't crazy cold. I don't think any of my people ever put on all of their layers tonight and I even threw in everyone's heavy winter coats before we left. My crew started to complain about getting cold around 9 but more than that I do believe that they were just tired.

We walked to the bathroom and everyone brushed and then it was to the tent. Let me tell you, our tent was toasty warm. Robby had 2 heaters going and by the time that we all had changed clothes and found our spots, Campbell was asleep. Graham wasn't too far behind her. The sides of the tent are cold but we do have plenty of blankets so hopefully we will be okay. Of course heat rises so their is a huge difference between standing up and laying down but right now I could easily take off my socks and by perfectly fine. Hopefully we will all stay like that.

And hopefully we will all sleep some tonight. My Whitman is still awake-since we have our computers we are letting him have his kindle too. I hope he does go to sleep soon without too much of a fuss because I am so incredibly tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open too-possibly because I am warm and cozy and then because I can hear at last 3 kiddos snoring!

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