November 23, 2015

Friendly Game of Chess!

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  • Around 1 this morning, Campbell came into our room and told me that she was scared.  I asked why and then she said that she was afraid that a man was going to get her, Keaton and Reagan.  Well after I made her a pallet, she went right back to sleep but I sure did not!
  • And then around 3, Graham came into our room-he had gotten sick.  I cleaned up and got him situated and then stayed awake until he had gone back to sleep.  Earlier when Campbell had come into the room I set my alarm clock back a little bit but then when Graham came in our room, I just turned that thing off completely.
  • We all did finally sleep well and my Graham must have felt pretty rough because he slept until after 8:30 this morning.  I don't know if it was a bit of a tummy bug or due to the drainage that he has going on right now.  I guess that if it is the tummy bug we will find out tonight if someone else gets sickly.  
  • Graham moved pretty slow most of the morning so I let him hang out in my bed and do little school work.  I am sure that the fact that the he was having to do little school work was not missed by him and this probably caused him to stay quiet and still a bit longer.  He ended the morning feeling better and finishing over half of his school work before playing a game of chess with his brother.
  • Whenever Keaton is home during school, it is a battle to get Campbell to do any school but I have just learned to be relaxed about the whole thing and just let her get to it when she can.  She still finishes everything but just not quickly or not exactly when I want for it to happen.  Today I walked in on them putting on a puppet show for Reagan who had been quietly doing her school work in the living room.
  • Everyone ate a good lunch while I read and then we started on chores.  Graham walked back to my bed after lunch and I am sure that he thought this would get him out of chores-and it did.  He started bothering people as they were trying to work in my room and I reminded him that he felt good enough to pester people then he felt good enough to work-that quickly ended that.
  • This afternoon the girls went upstairs and put the new shelf in their room to good use-they turned it into a doll house.  I sent Robby a picture of this and he double checked to make sure that we do have a doll house and indeed we do but I guess the shelf provided much more room.  They were playing doll house all over their room and no, not a single sole was using the real doll house.
  • The boys spent the afternoon playing on the xbox and soon after Robby arrived home our lasagna was heated up and we all ate.  We let the kids stay up for a while doing their own things after showers and everyone did pretty good-they took turns on the xbox, ate candy and played more doll house.  Whitman has spent his time today watching Mickey Mouse on his kindle-he has watched his fair share of Thomas but seeing him watch something else is just plain odd.  
  • Haircuts tomorrow for Campbell and I so that is excited (to us anyway) and then we will begin our Thanksgiving break!

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