November 22, 2015

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Geyer!

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  • Our early morning guy woke up at Pops' house so the rest of the kids slept and slept until we had to wake them up for church.  We had to be there a bit early for Robby so that left the kids eating breakfast in the car.  They didn't mind though since that meant that breakfast was pop tarts.
  • Reagan was already in the game room since she came early with Grannymom and Graham and Nonna were there early as well since Pops was also there for Lord's Supper practice.  We played in the game room for a minute and then started dropping things off.  
  • Today, I had packed a huge bag full of different bags and things to take and deliver at church.  I promise that they weighed at least 50 pounds.  Here is the list of what we carried into/out of church today: present for Children's home, toys for Operation Christmas, Whitman's diaper bag, my church bag (containing 6 Bibles), my Sunday school bag, Reagan's bag from Grannyom's house and a bag full of things to return that were left at my house this past week (hat, sippy cup, Olaf, spoon, bowl))  No wonder Sundays make us so tired.
  • Nonna and Pops had lunch for us-sandwiches, fruit and key lime pie.  They also had cookies that Graham had made at their house the night before.  The cookies were good but Anderson went to town eating that pie.  After a bit of playtime, we headed home for blessed Sunday afternoon naps.  The kids watched a few movies and did a bit of fighting but overall the afternoon was pleasant.
  • Then we loaded back up and headed back to church for the Thanksgiving meal.  It has been a while since we have had Thanksgiving supper and it was much fun eating in a room full off 500+ folks.  We were able to eat at tables by Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna and Pops.  
  • After supper, we moved into the sanctuary for worship and then on home for a bit of clean up time and then a sip of coke before bed!  I think that my kiddos are pretty tired after our busy day.

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