November 29, 2015

Celebrating Aunt Dana's Birthday!

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  • "Hello Momma!" was what Whitman shouted at me this morning when he busted out of his room and into our room.  At least it was after 7 but I am beginning to doubt our parenting skills with this one.  I guess we are just tired and worn out-I am even considering buying him one of those backpack leashes for Christmas!
  • Soon everyone was awake thanks to Whitman.  Then when everyone came back to my room, he looked around and didn't see Reagan so back up the steps he went to make sure that she was indeed coming down.  I guess he at least saved me a trip.  
  • Putting on Sunday clothes was fairly uneventful today-I did have to change Graham's shirt 3 different times as we were walking out of the door.  For some reason every shirt that I would pick out for him was way too big.  I am going to have to go back and relook at his shirts-I do not know what has happened because those shirts were all his normal size, maybe he just lost some weight over Thanksgiving (that did not happen!)
  • Church today-the kids had a going away party for the children's minister during Sunday school.  Robby and I kept the baby babies.  We had started off in Whitman's room but were moved to another class.  Initially, we were going to leave Whitman in his room but his little face-he was about to fall apart so I just brought my baby along.  He did really well and busied himself playing with all of the baby toys.
  • After church we celebrated Dana's birthday at Grannymom's house.  The kids played a board game after we ate and then we headed home for the afternoon.  The afternoon started off splendidly with Whitman napping upstairs and then he climbed out of bed one, two, three and four times.  After a few tears, he did not climb out after the fourth time and went on to sleep (and so did I.)
  • For supper, Robby made grilled cheese sandwiches and we have had a pretty restful evening.  It has been a few weeks since our ice cream truck has come and even though we are nearly out of goodies, the kids still had plenty to pick from and enjoyed the treat.  Then it was a few more movies while Robby and I played around on our computers (he is probably doing his real work and I am working on this and the master list of this week-my favorite thing about Sunday nights)

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