November 7, 2015

Superhero Saturday!

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  • Since Graham slept in Keaton's bed last night, we were a bit concerned that he would wake up early and wake the girls up.  He did wake up early but he must have snuck out of their room quietly because Reagan ended up sleeping until around 9.  
  • As soon as I could get myself ready, I told Graham bye (he was the only one awake) and headed out the door to pick up a few of the sale items from the store.  No one was at the store but unfortunately everyone else had already been there to pick up the sale items.  I still spent nearly a hundred dollars and still don't know what we will eat for supper tomorrow.
  • After the store, I picked Keaton up from Dana's house and man, did she ever have a good time-supper at Larry's pizza, a craft party, a brownie, a movie, painting fingernails and muffin for breakfast.  She told me all about it the entire way home.  
  • Once I walked through the door at home with her, I turned right around and walked back out with Graham.  I dropped him off at church for Superhero Saturday.  He ended up on the stage a few times during the event and had himself a big time.  And afterwards, he went to eat ice cream with Will.  
  • When I dropped him off, I ran down the road to a brunch.  It would have been a wonderful lunch and was still fun but it was pretty miserable.  The silly wind was gusting which caused it to be freezing-enough so that I thought about going into the bathroom just to warm up for a while.  I still had fun and the plus side is-next week when we go camping, I will be better prepared about to bring for hanging out in the middle of a blizzard!
  •  On my way home this time, I picked up Anderson from Nonna's house.  He had been mowing Pops' leaves and was pretty proud of himself.  When we were leaving, he did mention to Pops that he had worked hard and needed a payday.  That child-he was the sweetest thing when we were leaving: he hugged Nonna, Pops and Jason and thanked them for having him come over.  On the way home, he told me all about his day and night as well.
  • We were home lonelong enough for me to go through a bucket of clothes with Reagan and Campbell.  I figure every little thing we could do today was one less thing for this week.  Then it was time for us all to load up for Keaton's party.
  • She had a birthday party at Pinnacle and we had told the kids that we were all going to go because we thought we had a Sunday school party afterwards.  They were very excited about Pinnacle and the party.  The party ended up getting cancelled but we all still went to Pinnacle.  
  • I hung out with Keaton at the party while the others playing in the grass, walked a trail and even played on the playground.  The boys were fine hanging near the van while we were at Pinnacle-because Robby had a tv set up in the back of the van.
  • After the party, the kids played a bit more and then we headed home (after gas and a supper run).  We all ate our supper in front of the tv and ended up cheering the hogs on to victory.  The game was fun to watch but watching my two football crazy boys was even more fun.  
  • Showers, brownies, cleaning the garage, Bible story, laundry and bed followed the game.  Quite an eventful day but all of my folks are tired from spending the night away from home this weekend so hopefully they can catch up on some sleep.

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