November 18, 2015

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  • Wednesday morning and we were up in time to do a few chores before heading off to Bible study.  This was a big day since it was the day to bring the Christmas child shoeboxes.  I thought that 3 boxes was pretty good but the way the kids fussed and fought about carrying the boxes in might mean that I will need to do a few more next year.  
  • During Bible study the kids are all practicing for the Christmas performance and the word is that Whitman's class is indeed going to sing during the program.  That will sure be interesting and I will have to remember to tuck in his shirt since Campbell said that he was pulling up his shirt while he was on the stage today.
  • We met our friends at the park today after Bible study and the kids had a good time playing but I was a little bit chilly-I guess that cold weather is here to stay and I should have been more prepared.  Keaton did throw a few rocks today on the playground and one of those rocks went right into Anderson's mouth which he quickly swallowed.  That added a bit of excitement to our afternoon.
  • What was also exciting was our conversation while we were seeing Beebee after the park.  She had a Hawaiian lei hanging on her door and asked if Graham wanted it.  He said that he did not want it because he would get one when he went to Hawaii.  Then the kids and Beebee continued to talk about going to Hawaii for a few minutes while I just sat quietly and listened!  
  • It was time for us to leave when a worker came and gave the kids all a lollipop.  Whitman walked up to me and asked me to open it but I said that I would open them all in the car.  So he walked to the door and shouted "Let's go!"
  • At home the kids all practiced their little speech for tomorrow's homeschool day and then had a few minutes to watch tv.  The little girls spent their time playing baby doll while Reagan spent her time (not by choice) working on an apology note to Graham.  (He called her Lillie Billie and she called him Barf Bag-she got in big time trouble and was shocked that he did not get into trouble.)
  • Getting ready for church tonight was easy since it was pajama night for all of the Dennie kids (I guess that it was even easier getting everyone ready for bed as well.)  On the way to church we stopped by the library and then afterwards we stopped at Nonna's house to borrow a fishing pole, saw and pecan shell cracker.
  • It didn't take long for everyone to have a snack and then it was on to bed for my crew-maybe they should start wearing their pjs everyone Wednesday night to church.

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