November 20, 2015

Making smores around the fire pit!

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  • Of course my Graham was the first one up this morning, he always is.  But this morning, I woke Whitman up so he could help Graham wake everyone up for breakfast.  He ran from bed to bed waking everyone up and as soon as they were awake, he started shouting at them to "come on, come on."
  • We finally did get everyone downstairs and had our breakfast.  Then it was time to start school.  And really, school went fairly well today.  My biggest battle during the day is people being kind-I have one child, bless them, who is quick to use a hateful tone with everyone.  This always causes quite a commotion and their unkind words is like a spark that just sets a fire causing everyone else to become angry.  
  • We did get through that and school carried on pretty well.  We had our lunch and then started on chores and that is when things again fell apart again.  The boys and Campbell and Keaton were folding the laundry and I had just left the room after asking them to stop fooling around and as soon as I made it back into the kitchen, they were all screaming and yelling.  That is when I finally had had enough and told them no screen time this afternoon-you would have thought that I had taken water or air away from Reagan.  Gracious me! 
  • But after a bit of a rocky morning and a really rocky early afternoon, the later part of the afternoon was calm and pretty good.  The kids helped me make some food for tonight, Reagan worked on her scrapbook and they even had time to go and play outside while Robby was working.
  • The McGuires and Penningtons came over for supper tonight.  The kids had a great time playing and the adults seemed to enjoy the food: Pop's pork tenderloin, au gratin potatoes, corn casserole, bread, brownies, apple pie (my first time to make one) and most fun of all was s'mores.  Robby used the fire pit and everyone enjoyed making the s'mores-we really should use that fire pit more often.  A good evening was had by all and when they all left, the kids and us went to work cleaning up.  
  • Everyone even had time to shower before bedtime.  Two kids are headed to grandparents tomorrow so everyone is excited!

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