November 21, 2015

Off to Nonna and Pops for a night away!

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  • Saturday morning and of course my boys quickly found their kindles and started playing away. They are a bit more animated on Saturday mornings than usual and we are a bit less animated than usual.
  • By the time Robby was working on breakfast (breakfast burritos) I was helping Graham finish his packing and checking to make sure that Reagan had everything herself.  She was going to Grannymom's house for the night and Graham was going to Nonna's house.  
  • Pops was pretty excited about getting Graham for the day so as soon as breakfast was over, he was here to take him shopping.  They were working on finding Christmas gift options for G and I am sure that he found a plethora of items.
  • Campbell told Grannymom and me this morning that all she wanted for Christmas was a phone.  Seriously, the child will not be getting a phone for a good many years.  I did tell her that the only people she would be allowed to call would be her dad, Grannymom and Nonna and she can call them anytime she wants on my phone.  So the child began to call anyone that I would let her.  
  • The stump man came today and ground up 4 stumps so now just to get the trees removed.  We have at least 3 people who have said they would like the wood so now it is first come first serve!  
  • Grandpa worked on adding an outlet in the girls room to help hide some of their cords but the busiest room in the house was the kitchen today-breakfast burritos, energy bars (glorified oatmeal cookies made by the kids-it was a recipe from Anderson's reading book), shelling our pecans from a few weeks ago and 9 loaves of pumpkin bread.
  • Since the kitchen had been so busy today, we thought that we would give that room a rest.  We loaded up and headed to go and eat at a new pizza place Todd had talked about last night.  Everyone was really excited about this and after driving all of the way there, we started to unbuckled and Robby realized that he didn't have his wallet.  Mine was in my car and we dug all around his car looking for anything-cards, cash, change-so we could go and eat.
  • But alas, there was nothing so we headed home.  Robby and Campbell took this the hardest but once we made it home, we grabbed our cash and headed to in the complete opposite direction to grab something to eat.
  • We ended up at the new Tropical Smoothie.  The food was fine but they had a bench just like the one that I want for my kitchen and the chairs were perfect also (wrong color though).  I guess I should use the wood from the downed trees outside and build myself a bench.  I had always thought that maybe I would wait on my bench for when I redid the kitchen but that might just be when the last kiddo has left college and by then I may not want a bench at all (my wheelchair may not fit at it!)
  • Once at home, we watched the first half of the game and then we put everyone in bed....except Anderson.  He did put on his pjs, go to the girls' room for prayer time and walk to his room.  But then as Robby was kissing the girls goodnight, I shooed Anderson downstairs and closed his bedroom door.  That boy was so excited to get to come back downstairs to watch the game.  He is definitely keeping us entertained.
  • Robby had said that he wouldn't pull out our heater for the living room this year because our electric bill was pretty high last year due to that heater but after he walked into the cold living room tonight, he went right up to the attic.  Reagan will be the most happiest about this because she is the one who usually just sits by the heater during school.  Though I may take her spot in a little bit-maybe with some hot chocolate!

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