November 5, 2015

Haircut Day!

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  • Graham was awake before I was ready this morning and even though I love spending time with that boy (he is probably more like me than any of the others) but not really first thing in the morning.  By 7:03, I had answered about 29 questions-about leaves, about the day, about tomorrow, about Thanksgiving, about insurance and I can't even remember what else.  I was mentally exhausted before my day began!  I finally sent him to go and see his Daddy for a few minutes.
  • Soon everyone was up and we quickly ate breakfast so Keaton could get to school.  Today was Anderson's turn to accompany Robby and Whitman to drop Keaton off.  My Anderson does his school work well (hardly even missing any math problems) but he takes forever!  And being out running a few errands in the morning, just put him further behind but I am pretty sure that he will never ever catch up from the day but I know that he would agree that it was well worth it!  He had lots of fun and came home with a full tummy!
  • Back at home, we were working hard on school and had just about finished when word that Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilli and Cash were coming over.  When Reagan heard they were coming over, she asked me to go upstairs and to make their beds for her.  We ate leftovers and then the kids played while we ate dessert.  The girls finally remembered that we had dessert and came asking for theirs.  
  • After they left, we had a peaceful afternoon and didn't really do a whole lot.  Around 5, I loaded up with Reagan to drop her off at Lilli's house for the night and then Whitman and I went to get his hair cut.
  • His hair had gotten a bit long and he did very well for a 2 year old but not as well as he has done in the past.  The boy would move and try to dodge the ladies hands as she cut his hair.  I think this was because we were first on the list when we walked in and he hadn't had time to watch what all was happening at the place.  He was still great though and was delighted to earn a sucker when we were finished.  
  • Back at home, we had supper and then the boys started watching the Arkansas State game.  We only let them stay up until halftime and then it was bedtime!

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