November 12, 2015

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  • Yeah!  Coughy, also known as Keaton, slept great last night.  She did cough and cough before we went to bed but once we were in bed, she never made a sound all night long.  Though, by the time we went to bed, Keaton had already moved herself off of her blanket and her little face was laying right on the carpet.  We stood around her looking and watching trying to decide what we should do: was it worth moving her back to the soft blanket or pillow so she could be more comfortable or would moving her cause her to wake up and start coughing again.  We finally came up with a compromise-Robby gently lifted her head and a quickly pulled a flat pillow under it.
  • Before I could get upstairs this morning, Reagan and Campbell were fussing at each other and then after I had calmed down that squabble, the boys were going after each other.  Thankfully everyone calmed down with breakfast and soon Robby, Campbell and Whitman were taking Keaton to school.
  • The ran a few errands today-including the one errand that Campbell had been waiting for: buying her a drink.  And Robby said that just minutes after getting her coke, she spilled every single bit of it.  Poor thing, I guess that she handled it well enough and even had a few sips of Robby's drink.  
  • During all of their errands, only the three big kids were at home and everyone was working very well.  I pretty much decided that we could do this homeschool thing-for only 3 kids at a time.  I think that anything over 3 kids would just be too crazy.  Good thing I think that crazy is pretty fun!
  • After we had finished school, most of the day was spent packing for our little camping trip.  Can I just mention that packing for a campout is harder than packing for a road trip?  Gracious me.  We pretty much worked all day long and had a good time doing so.  I think that I would like to be a professional packer when I grow up.
  • Nonna had picked Keaton up from school today and she told Nonna that the others kids had gotten to go to the new mall but she was at Dana's house and didn't get to go and she wanted to go.  So her and Nonna loaded up and went shopping-candy from the candy store and a pretzel for a snack.  I do believe that my little girl was pretty happy.  
  • Even though she was happy when she came home, a bit after she pointed to her ear and said that it hurt.  Later I heard her telling Reagan in the shower that her ear hurt and soon, she was laying her head down feeling pretty bad.  We doped her up well and put her to bed again in our room.  Hopefully I can get an early morning appointment for her.  
  • Robby ran a few errands tonight while the rest of us straightened and showered.  He brought home supper and while we were eating, he told Whitman that we were going to sleep in a tent tomorrow.  Whitman shook his head "no" and then said "scary."  Robby told him that it wasn't scary but Whitman disagreed with the word "monsters."  Oh, wish us luck tomorrow!

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