November 16, 2015

Lounging around!

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  • Last night as I was putting Whitman in bed, I was hugging him and he said that his ear hurt.  I asked him a few minutes later and he again pointed to the same ear.  Before Robby and I had gone to bed, Whitman was whimpering in his bed.  We put him in bed with us for a bit and even put some drops in his ear.  He was crazy mad at us after we did that but they must have helped because he ended up sleeping well all night long.
  • So this morning at 8, my first order of business was calling and getting him an appointment and I figured that since I was already going, I would take the other sickly kid, Campbell.  The three younger ones had have runny noses the past few days but Campbell also said that her ear hurt-she only said it one time but I thought we might as well take her too.
  • After I had our appointments lined up, we stared on school.  I was prepared for today to go as it did but seriously, those kids make me crazy some times.  My Anderson had a foul attitude most of the morning long and Graham did great until his last thing and then he fell apart.  Of course, Keaton and Campbell are exhausted from the weekend and both sickly so you can only imagine that whining and fussing that I heard.  That only leaves 2 that really had a good morning-Reagan, who happily worked hard, and Whitman, who fell asleep on the couch while watching his movie.
  • Campbell came in to the room that I was in and said that Whitman had fallen asleep.  She had put a pillow under his head and turned off his movie.  When I saw him laying there, I knew that he must really feel bad. Before lunch, everyone started to ask if I was going to wake him up for lunch but I thought that he should sleep as long as he could.  He finally did wake up during lunch and was so happy to see his plate sitting there ready to eat.
  • After lunch, the kids and I put up about 75 loads of laundry.  All during the morning, as I worked with the kids, I folded clothes and put them a zillion piles.  Then everyone came through and grabbed their piles to put them away and then came back to help me with the leftovers.  I still have about 4 loads of blankets to wash from the trip but those can wait until another day.
  • Before too long, it was time to head to the doctor's appointments.  Whitman was ready to go in and talked and sang pretty much the entire time that we were there.  Campbell did have one ear infected and Whitman, who had a temp of 99 something, had 2 infected little ears.  Our appointment went quick and soon we were on our way to pick up their meds.
  • It was raining so I went to Walgreens so I could just drive through instead of our usual Sams pharmacy.  It took me over an hour to get their medicine-Whitman happily watched the movie in the car and Campbell crawled all over the car while we waited.  I had to circle around in the line of cars 2 times until I finally got the medicine.  It took much longer than it should have but we did finally make it home with the medicine in hand.
  • And as soon as we made it home, we gave everything their medicine and soon Robby started on supper.  He made fajitas and everyone gobbled them up.  They were really good and as he made his plate, he explained exactly how he was fixing his and everyone else did their best to copy exactly what he did-I even had a few kiddos try sour cream.  
  • After supper, the kids played some and then we started watching the old Cheaper by the Dozen movie while Robby made us some cookies-a pretty good Monday.

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