November 4, 2015


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  • Not that I am counting down or anything but there are 4 weeks of Bible study left until our Christmas break.  Maybe because it was a late night last night with the Bunko girls or maybe because I woke up early for the treadmill but I was exhausted all day long today.  But the kids sure weren't tired, even after their big night out last night.
  • Both boys were in bed with Robby when I came back downstairs.  I was able to find their clothes in the clean laundry pile-at least the third day for them to wear those clothes.  We just wear and wash around here and sometimes we don't even wash!
  • On the way to Bible study we started listening to the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  That is one of the classics that I have never read so I thought that we would listen to it-we will see if we can pay attention to it.  
  • Dropping everyone off at Bible study has become incredibly easy-Whitman walks right in his class and lays his bag on the floor.  The big 3 all run off of their classes as soon as they can fish their Bibles out of my bag.  Keaton doesn't mind going to her class and even Campbell who is never too sure about going in to her classes, does go in without too much prodding.
  • We ate lunch at a nearby church playground.  They have the most beautiful pavilion and I was telling the other moms how I wanted one like that (just a bit smaller) and of course we added a pool, pool house and a little home for Nonna and Pops in the plans.  We will break ground as soon as the publisher's clearing house man drops by.
  • Beebee called on our way home so we swung by there for a few minutes.  The kids were the best that they had ever been today.  Beebee was telling about when she was a little girl so Reagan was really listening and Anderson was trying even though he has a hard time understanding Beebee.  What was Whitman doing?  Oh, well he had run to the lobby and was sitting on the front couch-seriously!  At least the door is locked and he can't get out!
  • This afternoon was short so we didn't really do much and I was so tired that I even let the kids get out of doing our together work.  Robby offered to cover my job tonight so I stayed home from church tonight and worked like a dog around here-I organized 3 cabinets, went through 3 bins of clothes and pretty much stayed busy, busy.  
  • Soon the others were on their way home and I turned the shower on, poured drinks and put toothpaste on toothbrushes.  It didn't take too long for all of our crew to be in bed after a busy day.

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